Want To Catch A Man? Trip Him: Interesting Sex Rituals From Around The World

September 1, 2015  |  
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Looking for some inspiration in the bedroom? Here are some interesting, and, at times, bizarre sexual traditions from around the world that are worth trying.

Holding it in

According to reports, in ancient Taoist culture in China, it was believed that a man’s semen contained most of his positive energy and life force. Therefore, he was encouraged not to release too much of it during sex. We don’t believe in men getting blue balls, but learning not to finish too soon is never a bad thing.

Publicly naming your genitals

In certain Hawaiian cultures, people used to publicly name their genitals: “Traditional Hawai’ians had public names for their private parts, and they were proud of their endowments.”

Sex is food, food is sex

The Aweikoma people in Brazil use the same word for sex and food. That could be confusing, or it could be a lot of fun if you gave it a try with your partner one night. “What exactly do you want me to put in your mouth?”




A lesson in fellatio

In the Sambia tribe of Papua New Guinea, young men are expected to perform oral sex on their elders. As one Sambian elder put it, “If you boys don’t drink semen, you won’t grow big. You should not be afraid of eating p*nises … it is just like the milk of your mother’s breast.”

Tripping your crush

Amongst the Guajiro people of Venezuela, young men and women perform a ritual fertility dance. A young lady must dance around and try to trip a man to show her attraction to him. Look, men are constantly “accidentally” bumping into women at bars in order to chat them up. What’s wrong with a little innocent trip to get the attention of the guy you want to go home with?

Hormonal fruit

A woman’s armpit carries some of the most concentrated areas of hormones. For that reason, in some parts of rural Austria, women feed their lovers apple slices that have been held under their armpits.

Sexual compatibility test

While some cultures look down on sex before marriage, the Kreung tribe in North Eastern Cambodia understands the importance of sexual compatibility. When a girl is of marrying age, she spends a few nights in a “love hut” where potential mates visit her and spend the night with her. The one she considers a match becomes her husband.

A lesson from a cougar

On the island of Mangaia, boys around the age of 13 take lessons from older women on how to please a woman.

Separating sex and feelings

For those in the Muria tribe of Chhattisgarh, young men and women who are of age to have sex are sent to live in coed dormitories. While there, they’re encouraged to practice premarital sex with various partners.

The beginning of bisexuality

In ancient Greece, there wasn’t really a word for homosexuality. It was common to sleep with both men and women.

A trial marriage

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give marriage a brief try, and easily walk away from it if it didn’t work? In Iran, men and women can pay a fee for a short trial marriage. During that time they can have as much sex as they want and see if they’d like to move into a long-term marriage with one another.




Lots of sex

Okay, this isn’t a tradition so much as it is a trend. But according to the Business Insider, did you know that 87 percent of people in Greece have sex weekly while the U.S. sits at just 57 percent? We have to catch up!

Building a shrine

We’re throwing a curve ball at you. This one is an animal mating ritual. Bowerbirds build gorgeous, elaborate shrines to attract the female mate they want, using all sorts of ornaments like seashells and even coins. I’ll take a shrine, thank you.

Keep your underwear on

The people of the island of Inis Beag near Ireland are sort of suppressed, so they keep their underwear on during sex.

Fake a death

Men, you didn’t hear this from us, but if you tell a woman you might die soon, she’ll probably pity lay you. Here’s another one from the animals! Water strider insects tap the top of the water to attract predatory animals to them when they want to find a mate. It encourages the females water striders to mate with them ASAP!

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