Fight Fair: Common ‘Low Blows’ That Damage Relationships

June 8, 2015  |  
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A good relationship takes time to cultivate. There are certain ingredients required to make it work — and even then it’s never guaranteed.  One major no-no you should try to avoid is “low blows” that cross the line. Here are a few to mentally note.

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Sexual inadequacies

No matter how mad you get at your partner, bringing up their “size” or shortcomings is never a good idea. In fact, this can be something that could ultimately damage your relationship.

Revealing intimate secrets

People tell you things because they trust you won’t use it against them. Consider the trust broken in your relationship if you or your beloved are quick to spill each other’s tea.

Disrespecting family


No matter how much you dislike about a person’s family, they’re still an important part of their life. Don’t forget that your partner’s family has been there since the beginning. No need to go out of your way to disrespect them.

Belittling income

“That’s why you only make minimum wage!”

Why must people resort to a person’s livelihood when they get pissed off? Unless you’re only with your beau for the money, stop disparaging their paycheck.

Dissing their job

In addition to talking poorly about someone’s income, you should also watch it when it comes to their job. If the person you’re seeing had to take a job you’re not impressed with (and neither are they) to pay bills, why kick them about it?

Using children as pawns

This is one of the worst — and most vile — things a person can do. Unless your partner is an abusive threat to your family, you don’t need to use your kids as pawns whenever you have a fight. Folks are too quick to threaten other people with not seeing their children until they can get their way.

Public humiliation

It’s very immature to make a scene in public — especially when it’s targeted towards your love. How can you even say you care for them when you’re quick to humiliate them in front of an audience?

Intentionally making them jealous

Flirting and other disrespectful actions for the sake of making the person you’re with jealous is a high school tactic. It also happens to be a great way to get them to call things off.

Body shaming

If someone looks that horrible, why are you with them? People deal with enough standards when it comes to beauty and their body. Don’t make things harder.

Bringing up insecurities

Consider it a form of emotional abuse if you have no trouble using a person’s insecurities against them. This mental war against their self-esteem is no way to build a healthy relationship.

Throwing failures in their face

No one needs a recap of all their past failures. We carry enough of that baggage on our own. This low blow is pretty self-explanatory and very hurtful.

Using sex as a weapon

Keep on withholding the cookie and watch your partner get his Chips Ahoy! from another source. All jokes aside, sex as a weapon is never a good move in a relationship.

Threatening a breakup

Stop trying to control a relationship by always threatening to break up. You should be grown enough to express your opinions without giving such a big ultimatum.

Getting physical

Physical abuse is never the answer in a relationship — no matter who’s taking the jab. Men and women alike need to keep their hands to themselves.

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