If You And Your Partner Have These Household Items, You’re A Grown A** Couple

June 29, 2015  |  
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When you first move in with your boyfriend, it may feel like you’re playing house. Actually, it may feel like you’re both hanging on by a thread until the other realizes neither of you has your sh*t together. But, there are some markers that let you know when you’ve matured into one of those, you know, adult couples. If you own these household items, kudos to you! You’re a grown a** couple.

Black napkins

These are for your dinner party guests (look at you having dinner parties!) who wear black pants and don’t want crumbs all over them. You no longer rely solely on paper napkins with fun prints.





Clothing hangers that aren’t plastic

You made a point of buying new clothing hangers. You didn’t just hang onto the plastic ones that came with your clothes from Target.

Guest towels

That means you have a guest room. Or at the very least, it means you have a place spacious enough to host guests overnight. Pat yourself on the back!

Food trays

You’re no longer balancing four plates on your arms and beer bottles under your armpits. Oh no. You have trays now.

Full sets of glasses

You’re no longer just throwing together all the glasses you’ve collected over the years. No more plastic pizza cups. No more beer and shot glasses. You have a legitimate set of glasses that match. In fact, you have several (some for casual lunches, some for brunch, some for the entertainment room…).

A hand wash only tablecloth

Remember when these spreads made no sense to you because you thought the whole point of tablecloths was to get them dirty? Well, you have since invested in some hand-woven tablecloth you found in Europe and you ask your guests not to go anywhere near it.

Rare art

It doesn’t have to be rare, but anything is better than the stock images printed on canvas at Ross or the posters you had in college.

Framed photos

They’re not in some cutesy long photo strip that hangs from a wall or shoved in the sole photo album you own. You have framed pictures around your house, lined up with the art.


Do you know how expensive curtains are? Even cheap ones are pricey. But the good news is, you have graduated from blackout shades.


Grown-ups have beaucoup lights. They don’t just use lamps to light up a room. They use them to create an ambiance.

Indoor plants

That is commitment. Because if those babies die, everybody notices.

Place mats

And I don’t just mean the two your mom gave you as a gift when you graduated from college. I’m talking several sets of at least four. And they’re not plastic.

A garment bag

Because you now own clothes that are important enough that you don’t want them to wrinkle when you travel.

A gravy boat

You don’t just pick up the tiny pot you made it in and pour it over your food. You have a snazzy gravy boat. Oh, and can we acknowledge the fact that you even made gravy?

A fridge with two doors

Because you’ve learned the art of storing food properly and no longer just pile it all in wherever you can.

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