How To Be A Broke Couple And Not Hate It

June 2, 2015  |  
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Being broke with your partner can either make or break your relationship. You’ll either fight about how every dollar should be spent, or bond over how you can find creative ways to spend very few dollars for dates. Try to do the latter. Here is how to be a broke couple and not hate it!

Make public transit an adventure

So you can’t afford the $50 Uber downtown to some party. Who cares? The hour you spend on the metro is just another hour of having fun with your partner. Have a couple of cocktails at home before you get on the subway or bus, pack some snacks, bring music, and make it an adventure.

Visit your parents a lot

If one of you has parents who are in driving distance (or aunts and uncles), visit frequently. All they want to do is take you to nice restaurants you couldn’t usually afford or make you nice hot meals. You two can enjoy a little low-cost vacation together.

Take your crappy food home

Okay, it’s not crappy. It’s burritos from your favorite hole-in-the-wall burrito joint. When you’re broke, and you don’t want to cook, you can mostly only afford food from hole-in-the-wall joints, but they are usually dark and depressing. Your life can feel dismal if you sit for an hour in a place where posters cover up cracks in the walls. Do yourselves a favor and take your food home.

Invite people over

If you want to see friends, inviting them over is not only cheap, but it seems like you’re being generous. And guess what? All you have to do is buy a couple of bottles of two-buck chuck, and each of your guests will bring you a bottle or some food.

Eat where your friends work

Be thankful when you have friends in high places. Okay, maybe not high places but, like, working as a server in a steak restaurant. If you need luxury, dine where your friends work. They’ll hook you up with serious discounts.

Make a big deal out of nothing

Everything is only as exciting you make it. Some people are bored with red carpet events. Meanwhile, you and your boo are looking forward to making a night of watching Sharknado three days from now. Send each other funny emails throughout the week about how excited you are. Make “bloody” Marys because, you know, sharks = blood. Be goof balls and make a big deal out of whatever you’re doing.

Buy the good stuff in bulk when you can

If you’re at the grocery store and you see some “fine” item on sale, buy it only if it’s available in bulk. Freeze those eight filet mignons. Store those 10 bottles of wine that used to be $30 each but came down to $8 each when you bought 10. When you’re broke, you don’t get to buy luxury food when you feel like it. You have to plan ahead.

Create your own ambiance

Can’t afford the nice Hawaiian restaurant down the street? Find the recipes online, remake them cheap, and turn your living room into Honolulu with plastic palm fronds from the 99-cent store and a set of flamingo glasses you bought on eBay.

Don’t do group outings

It doesn’t matter if you only ordered a $5 drink at the birthday dinner that included 20 other people. You’re going to end up paying tax and tip on the total, plus putting up money for that one person who always underpays and forgets about the drink they bought.

Only meet at bars

If you have to meet friends out, always suggest a bar. You can get the cheapest beer and nobody will notice how much or how little you order.

Apply for jobs together

If you’re both unemployed or underemployed, you’re applying for jobs. And that can be soul-crushing at times. Meet up at a coffee shop and do it together. When you feel depleted, you can look up at your loved one and remember, “This is the whole point. I have a great relationship. I’m the lucky one. A job will come.”

Have lots of sex

I’m serious! Orgasms send happy hormones surging through both of your bodies and make you more attracted to one another (so your guy can feel less insecure about being underemployed.) Honestly, many couples just plan expensive dates so they can have sex at the end of the night. Skip to the good part.

Enroll in a class

If you both enroll in just one night class at a local community college, you can get student IDs, which will get you movie tickets for almost half off, and even deals at tons of restaurants.

Get addicted to a show together

You probably keep meaning to watch a show together, then one of you gets ahead in the episodes and it’s all over. Stick to the plan! If you’re addicted to the same show, you get that little high from locking yourselves in your room and watching it together.

Make a collage of your unpaid bills

“Aww look, honey, that credit card charge is from that dinner we totally couldn’t afford!”

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