How Many is Too Many?

May 16, 2011  |  


Last week we discussed sex on the first night and I was clear in stating that it should not be a weekly occurrence so now let’s discuss how many is too many. Yes I’m talking about sexual partners! Let’s start off with a simple analogy.

A woman goes into a store and wants to buy a dress. She knows that these dresses have been through some things before she got to them.  Depending on the packaging, the retail associates who stocked these dresses might have tossed them around a bit; shoot even the manufacturer may have mishandled the dress a little. However the dress still comes out with minor scrapes and bruises and will look fabulous on you ladies that very same day. But then the dress starts getting tried on by multiple persons, finally a woman too big tries it on and all hell breaks loose.

Now ladies when you walk into that store, you want the dress that has been through the least. This isn’t a thrift shop; you want your dress to sparkle. Well, maybe it’s time that some women start treating their bodies as they would treat a dress. No one wants a worn out, too stretched out dress or woman for that matter.

Bringing us to today’s topic. How many is too many when it comes to sexual partners?

The double standard amongst men and women has become problematic. No, a woman is not a ho and a man a king if they both lead promiscuous lives. However they both are possible clinic patients in our STD filled world. But seriously, I am tired of women willing to disrespect their bodies because they say “men can do it”, why can’t we. People do a lot of things but that doesn’t mean, they are right, hell porno stars have a lot of unprotected sex but I wont throw away my gold Trojan for a pretty face.

Now just like the story above, men know that the women we choose to date are not coming to us as these perfect beings because let’s be honest, we’re not perfect. We understand that; what we are not interested in is all the extra baggage that comes along with sleeping with any and everybody in the city. While some ladies will read this and say he’s not talking about me, you know damn well that if its not you, you have a close friend who I might be talking about. So the question becomes when are your “numbers” becoming ridiculous. Ridiculous to the point where you lose your self-respect and become reduced to a “good time girl”.

Fellas, the same goes for us. While we were in high school and those early days of college we mistakenly measured our manhood by how many women we could sleep with. However there becomes a point where we look back and say “damn did I sleep with her”, what was I thinking? Who knows, might have been the Patron! But if we want to attract the women who respect themselves, respect their bodies and have the qualities of someone who could mother our children and be with us till death do us part then we have to be respectful and responsible of our bodies as well. You can’t approach the women who really have it going on after having slept with the world, the fly women are going to hit you with the “negro please” look and rightfully so.

Men and women have to start making better choices, not only for our health, which is reason enough. But for our own self respect. Fellas don’t do it to every Jane and ladies really stop believing that every man that smiles at you is the one. That not only is he the one but that he deserves sex, head, and all the other freaky tricks you possess. What you are doing is diminishing the value of your product. Church!

Do you look at a potential partner sideways if that person’s “number” is too high? What is too high? Do you have a cut-off number?

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