Rude Things Friends Say And Do After You Get A Divorce

June 1, 2015  |  
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Anytime you go through something difficult in life, those around you scramble to say and do the right things (or not say and do the wrong things.) But try as they might, here are some rude things friends may do if you end up getting a divorce.




Pick sides

If your friend and her husband were friends with you and your husband, she might feel that she needs to make a choice with her husband about which person they’ll remain close to.




Not talk about their own marriage

Assuming that hearing about married life is just too painful for you right now, your friends might cut themselves off when starting a story about their relationship.






Tell you “You’ll meet someone else soon enough”

Um…you didn’t say you wanted to meet someone else yet. The ink has barely dried on your divorce papers!

Stop inviting you to couples events

Because, naturally, you could only enjoy the Memorial Day picnic with a husband. Hot dogs and fireworks are for married people, duh.





Tell you they’re not surprised

As if this is supposed to make you feel better, they say that they knew your soon-to-be ex wasn’t the one for you. Who wants to know that their friends were gossiping and speculating about an impending divorce for years?








Assume infidelity

“Did he cheat?” That’s the worst question to ask off the bat because it will have you thinking, “Not that I know of, but I hadn’t thought about it until now!”




Assume you’re broke

Your friends might immediately offer to help get you a job somewhere or say, “I understand if you can’t come on our girlfriend getaway anymore because of money…”






Stop inviting you to parties

They stop calling you because your ex will presumably be there. But you’d prefer they still invited you, let you know your ex will be there, and give you the option of saying yes or no to going as opposed to leaving you hanging.

Carry on a secret friendship with your ex

If your friends, who also knew your ex for years, want to remain friends with him, you’d rather they tell you than sneak around on you.




Consider you bad luck

Some of your friends, crazy as this sounds, might not want to be around a divorced person for fear that divorce is contagious, and their own relationships will fall apart.

Set you up with other divorcees

And only other divorcees. Thank you for the pity party.

Talk about other divorces

You don’t need to hear the stories of all the other divorcees your friend knows and how things worked out for them. But for some reason, your colleague thinks it will help you move forward.




Not talk about other divorces

Or, what’s worse, your friends awkwardly stop talking when the news of a divorce comes up for fear of upsetting you.





Suggest you and your ex can work it out

But you don’t want to work it out…hence the divorce.

Bring up the kids

They ask you “What are you going to do about the kids?” as if you haven’t already thought about that. Thanks for the concern, but no thanks.

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