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Dress fittings, mani/pedis, a coordinated date and of course a chauffeured Dodge Challenger. All this preparation wasn’t for some teenage girl’s senior prom, it was for an 8th grade dance a few weeks ago that my co-worker spent her lunch break making arrangements for. In 1997, my friends and I walked to our Catholic school cafeteria in flared jeans and glittery graphic tees where we danced to Ace of Base until the wee late night hours of 10:00. Today’s tweens and teens are breaking their parents’ budgets (and any faith I have left in the idea of common sense) with celebrations that my wedding would pale in comparison to all before they’re old enough to drive.

I’m not one to blame the media for society’s parenting problems, but I can understand how shows like My Super Sweet 16 where Lil’ Wayne’s daughter received not one but two cars (and they weren’t exactly a Toyota and a Honda, but a BMW AND a Ferrari) place a lot of pressure on teens to “turn up” and show out. Prom season 2015 is no exception, and so far social media has been filled with Benzes, Bentleys and gowns that would make Jennifer Lopez at the Academy Awards nervous. There are even helicopters and private jets being booked to land on the lawns of high schools across the nation. If you’d like to see it for yourself just check out Bossip’s “Flex Excellence: The Most Extravagant Prom Pics of 2015” series.

I don’t have a problem with families celebrating these milestone’s in their children’s lives, what I do have a problem with is if that Bentley Junior is riding in is pulling up to the projects. There’s nothing wrong with a celebration and even coming off some major coins to do so, as long as your priorities are in order. And if you have to eat rice and Aunt Jemima’s Maple Syrup as a meal for a month just so Junior’s Instagram likes can blow up, you might need to start reassessing your goals in life.

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