A Fixer-Upper With Potential Vs. A Headache Waiting To Happen: Would You Date These Men?

June 8, 2015  |  
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A fixer-upper is a man who is 100 percent dateable but has one or many issues he’ll have to overcome during the duration of your relationship. If he possesses any of the following qualities, unless these are absolute deal breakers for you, loving this man is going to require some patience but it could be worth it. But would you give them the time of day? Be honest…

A Man With No Car

This is okay in certain places where people are reliant on public transportation. But a man without a means of transportation anywhere else will require a lot of patience and empathy–and your car keys. Unless the circumstances that left him car-less were truly beyond his control, there’s probably more struggle where that came from. Good luck.

A Man Who Is Unemployed

An immediate deal breaker for many women, but if you can see him over this hump, you could end up in a Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict situation that ends happily ever after.

A Man With A Car, But A Suspended License

This seems insignificant, but it’s a flailing red flag. If he has a suspended license for reasons well within his control, then this is a clear indication of an even larger problem your man might be facing. He could be a tad bit irresponsible.

A Man With Immature Tattoos

Face tattoos are seen as “edgy” “trendy” and even “artistic” to plenty of cool kids and celebrities. To employers? Not so much.

A Man Whose Mom Is In Charge

For the most part we think it’s sweet when a man has a close relationship with his mother. However, when adoration for mom develops to a level where it seems like mom is in control of your man’s every move and decisions, you may have a problem on your hands.

A Man Who Lives With His Parents

There are plenty of people making millions of dollars living in their mom’s house. Let’s just hope your guy is/will be one of them–or at least planning to move out soon.

A Man With Too Much Pride

Pride is necessary, but too much of it can have a debilitating effect on a relationship.

A Man Who Is Moody

He’s not abusive, but you still are worried about his temper. Whether his moods just started or he’s always been a bit crabby, an angry man is difficult to love, especially after that honeymoon phase ends. Good luck, girl.

A Man With Multiple Children By Multiple Women

Well, at least you know he’s fertile! Eh, there isn’t much fixing you can do with this situation, but if he manages to be a very involved father, then that’s a good thing. Would you give a man with multiple kids by multiple women a chance?

A Man Who Is A Little Sexist

He’s thinks the asipriation of all women should be to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. It’s all fun and games at first, but unless you’ve got some thick skin—he’s going to be a nuisance.

A Man With A Criminal Record

A checkered criminal past makes for a difficult time acquiring quality employment. If your dude wreaked havoc as a teen and still has the record to prove it, he may struggle for some time. Could you stand by his side?

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