How Meditation Could Save Your Love Life

May 19, 2015  |  
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If you thought meditation is just for serious yogis and those on a “spiritual journey,” you’re missing out. Meditation can help you with very practical, real-life matters like finances, health, and even love. Here is how meditation could save your love life.

You won’t make that booty call

When you’re feeling lonely, insecure and tempted to make that booty call, a quick meditation session will help you tap into your self-love. Then you won’t need a sex-induced ego boost and you won’t make that call. You know those booty calls are slowing down your search for real love and commitment.

…Or pick that fight

If you’re already in a relationship, meditation will help you pick fewer fights. When you meditate, you see very clearly what you can and cannot control, and you see clearly what the intentions of those around you are. You’ll realize most fights aren’t worth it.

You’ll gain confidence in your body

Meditation makes you appreciate your body as a vessel through which you get to do the things you love. You stop looking at it from a vanity standpoint and more from a utilitarian one. You will really begin to appreciate it!

You’ll enjoy alone time more

When you get the hang of meditation, you’ll not only want to do it more, but you’ll want to take time alone after your meditation to reflect on it. And alone time is great for your relationships. If you’re together all the time, you’ll drive each other insane.

You’ll save money

Whatever you do when you’re feeling insecure—drink alcohol, shop, get a massage—probably costs money. But meditation is free. If you replace those habits with meditation, you won’t be as stressed about money. Financial strains are never good for a relationship.

You might drink less

As mentioned before, you can turn to meditation instead of alcohol when you’re feeling in a funk. That’s probably your best bet because alcohol can make people do strange things.

You’ll break up with him when you need to

All scary decisions are a little less scary when you’re a regular meditator. You realize so clearly that the pain of tough decisions is temporary, but the reward is permanent.


You won’t care about time

Time, as in your biological clock. When you’re a meditator, you realize that you can’t force or rush anything, and that’s okay. So you stop making love and life decisions based on some fake time constraint.

You’ll recognize when you’re sacrificing too much

We all have made the mistake of sacrificing too much for a relationship. When you meditate, you focus on what is essential to you, and you’ll also feel strongly if your relationship is taking you away from that. Once you feel that, you know such a relationship needs to change or come to an end.

You’ll realize life is short

Meditation makes you incredibly aware of your mortality, but in a good way. When you realize life is short and keep that in mind everywhere you go, you lose patience with toxic people. As you should!

You’ll pick up on good vibes more 

It won’t take you as long to realize when someone is a really good person. Your instinct for good people will be stronger, so you’ll give more good guys a chance!

You’ll also pick up on bad vibes more 

Meditation helps you feel things more than know things. Through meditation, it’s easy to feel bad vibes permeating.

You won’t listen to bad advice

As previously mentioned, your intuition becomes much stronger through meditation. You will know what advice from your well-meaning but not-always-right friends is appropriate for you, and what advice isn’t.

You’ll be more open and honest

You’ll realize there is nothing scary about saying what you feel. Through meditation you’ll recognize that the people who are meant to be in your life will be there when you are open and honest. And those who aren’t meant to be there will leave when you are open and honest. The idea of being open and honest becomes less scary too.

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