Say What Now? Woman Gets Pregnant From Anal Sex

May 19, 2015  |  

In college, I had a friend who only had anal sex with men because she didn’t want to get pregnant. Unfortunately, Women’s Health Magazine just reminded my friend, along with many other women, that their logic is rather faulty because you can actually still get pregnant if you let your man enter your nether region.

Dr. Brian Steixner, a urologist from the Jersey Urology Group in Atlantic City told Women’s Health although there is a one in a million chance for a woman to become pregnant by anal sex, he witnessed it with his own eyes while in med school. A pregnant young woman apparently came to the emergency room one night because she was spotting. Although it is normal for women to have vaginal spotting  during their pregnancy, this particular woman was spotting from her rectum. She was born with cloacal malformation, a condition in which you are born without a urethra, vagina and anus and therefore only have one hole, named the cloaca. The condition is rare and usually corrected at birth, however, this particular patient either did not have a successful surgery to separate the three regions or in response to the surgery, her body created a fistula. The latter causes a woman’s uterus to be fused with her rectum. Therefore, every month the patient’s menstrual cycle comes from her anal region because her vaginal canal is not connected to her uterus.

In a conversation with the patient, Dr. Steixner learned the woman had anal sex prior to getting pregnant, which explained the occasional spotting from her rectum. Nine months later she had a C-section (since doctors didn’t think it would be safe for her to give birth naturally) and she had a healthy baby. Dr. Steixner believes if the patient had a successful surgery as an infant to correct her cloacal malformation, she would not have been able to conceive her child through anal sex.

He said of the operation: “Building the walls to separate the three passages [the urethra, vagina, and rectum] is delicate work. The longer the walls need to be built, the closer surgeons get to the urethral and anal sphincters. Some women suffer from leakage of urine and stool their entire lives. It’s a huge psychological and quality of life issue.”

Although women who’ve had cloacal repairs may not have internal organs that function perfectly, physically they look normal. This interesting health issue gives truth to the notion, no two vaginas are alike. For more medical insight on cloacal malformations, read Dr. Griffin’s column here.

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