Not That We Would But… 15 Scary Ways To Keep Tabs On A Phone

May 19, 2015  |  
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Who knows when you are sleeping or really out creeping? Anyone who knows how to use these new apps, that’s who. From tracking your moves at night to recording your conversations, these new ways to keep tabs on a phone do it all. It’s actually pretty creepy. Better keep those passwords locked up tight!


Are you sure your boss doesn’t know what you really do on company time? The new mSpy app is marketed to employers who give out company phones (it’s also marketed to parents and suspicious significant others) as a secret way to track the phone owner’s activities.

Unlike other tracking apps, this one operates in stealth mode. That means that even if it’s on your phone, you’ll have no idea when it’s recording your FaceTime conversations, taking screenshots, or recording every call or text that you make.



Why is everyone freaking out about one of the world’s cheapest location trackers? Because these tiny Tiles are easy to stick to anyone or anything to keep tabs on their location for any purpose.

Remember when all a girl had to do was watch her drink? Watch yourself!

GPS Tracker

In the new high tech spy app era, it’s easy to forget about good ol’ GPS trackers. They’ve made a comeback as one of the most common ways to catch a cheating spouse or wandering employee.

Tag Along With A Dog

As any good “boyfriend detective” can tell you, GPS units are expensive. You know what’s not? Pet trackers. And I know of at least one girl who used these cheap collar attachments to keep tabs on her man. She wedged the attachment between the seats of his car.

Put A Chip In Him

Microchipping your boyfriend isn’t a thing yet, but it may be very soon. Following the popularity of pet microchips, people microchips are being developed to do everything from helping you check out faster to finding boyfriends who might be lying about their whereabouts, missing children, employees and kidnapping victims.


With more and more social media pages tattling on stalkers who’ve visited their ex’s LinkedIn page for the fourth time today, there’s a new app that will keep your cyberstalking a secret.

Cloak gathers all the photos and updates from anyone’s social media pages and sends you pics and check-ins to let you know where they are at all times.

But for those hiding from an unsavory ex, Cloak can be a good thing by helping you be wherever they’re not.

Keystroke Trackers

Sure those DMs are really private? Divorce attorney’s cite keystroke trackers as the number one way spouses catch each other cheating.

The Phone Fake-Out

Now anyone with an old iPhone lying around can turn it into an audio/visual surveillance device with Presence. All it takes is a free iOS app and an old “dead” phone left where someone thinks it will only sit there and collect dirt.

The Password Prowl

For anyone looking to keep tabs on “their own” lost phone, Google allows you to track any Android phone’s whereabouts just by putting your Google password into the Android Device Manager. Even more reason to change your password at least a couple of times a year…

Google’s MapQuest

Between driverless cars and super accurate street views, Google Maps keeps surprising us by raising the bar. And now you can find out where any phone has been by tracking its Google Maps history online.

“Finding” Your Phone Before You Lose It

Has a significant other ever tried to help you keep tabs on your phone before you lose it? Apps like these are a great way to find out where your phone ended up when you lose track of it.

But if your significant other (as well as your mom or your boss) has the login details, these apps are also a great way to find out where you are if you go missing.

The Flip Phone Flop

Why would anyone still have a flip phone in 2015? If he’s very popular with the ladies, it might be because phones that aren’t smartphones are the hardest to track. There is no Google Maps data and no secret tracking apps. But now some providers will give account holders the GPS location of the phone for a reasonable fee — if it’s GPS enabled.

The Check In Checkup

Do you check in on Facebook and Twitter when you step out? Some people who’ve found their exes saying “Oh, I didn’t know you’d be here” one too many times are disabling their phone’s locators altogether.

The Dangers Of Playing Private Investigator

As scary as some of these new apps are, they’re fairly illegal if they’re installed without consent. And anyone caught in the act — even an employer — could get in some pretty serious legal trouble.

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