Keep up the Good Work! Ways To Tell You’re In A Good Relationship

June 1, 2015  |  
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Now here’s something to celebrate.

In a sea of breakups and cheating, it’s good to know some couples are doing well. Relationships are hard and require work. One can only hope you and your love are on the right track. Check out these signs you have a good relationship.

Work on unconditional love

Loving someone no matter what, is very hard to do. Outside of behavior that’s questionable or a deal-breaker (e.g. cheating), there are many times when your love is going to get on your nerves. Regardless, you have a willingness to take the good with the bad.

Practice good communication

Having healthy and open lines of communication is key for any good relationship. Without it, there are too many misunderstandings that can make you react in an unnecessary–and even damaging way.

Want the best for each other

Believe it or not, there are some people who think of their partner as extreme competition. Stop trying to one-up each other or put down accomplishments you don’t think are worthy of praise.

Can forgive

You’ll find it very hard to navigate through life without forgiving people. No one is perfect and is going to fall below your bar of expectations. Stop holding onto past situations and hurt. Learn to forgive.

Build each other up

If you can’t give or get support from the person you love, what’s the point of staying together? The words you use in your relationship need to be about empowerment and not tearing each other down.

Have strong intimacy

Kudos to you if you have the time to get it on 24/7, but that’s not what were talking about here. Sure sex is very important to a relationship, but so is intimacy. This is what separates “hit it and thank you” from connecting with each other on a deeper–and more meaningful level.

Accept them for who they are

The sooner you realize you can’t change someone, they happier you’ll be. Yes, you’ll have pet peeves about your beloved but that doesn’t mean you don’t love them for who they are.

Work things out

When the going gets tough what do you do? Some people find it easier to throw in the towel and break up instead of stay to work things out.

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Can let things go

One important aspect of a good relationship is knowing when to pick and choose your battles. Not every issue deserves a drawn out discussion that will last for days.


Those who are secure in both themselves and their relationship don’t need to spy on their mate. Trust is earned over time and reflects a lack of worry they’re off doing something they shouldn’t.

Set goals together

A couple that plans together just might stay together. Each of you should have individual dreams you’d like to accomplish along with goals as a couple. Examples might include getting married, buying a home and starting a family.

Not take each other too seriously

Laughter can often times be the best medicine for a relationship. Those who don’t take each other too seriously tend to be the ones who can let things roll off their backs. It’s okay to joke around from time to time.

Learned the art of compromise

Being in a relationship is less about what you can get for yourself, and more about what you can do for someone else. This in no way means your needs must automatically fall to the back burner, but there is something to be said about the art of compromise. It’s okay not to get your way all the time.

Don’t let others interfere

Relationships are hard enough without having other folks stick their noses in your business. While there’s nothing wrong with speaking to a trusted friend or family member about certain issues from time to time, at the end of the day, your relationship should be between you and the person you’re with.

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