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There is no greater proof (there is, but just roll with me here for a second) of inequality and white privilege in this country than Ann Coulter.

Think about it. Mainstream media gets off on antagonizing Black and liberal white people for ratings. I suspect the reason for this antagonism has a lot to do with our positions in society. Basically, we’re (Black folks) powerless and not in the economic, social or political positions to do anything because our own laws were designed to work against us.

No, I really need you to think about it. How is it that every night someone stupid, usually someone stupid at Fox News, can say something on national airwaves that is truly hateful, offensive and damn near inflammatory about Black people, and get a pass from the FCC, but Janet Jackson’s single bedazzled tit being exposed becomes a finable and damn-near criminal offense? Despite what First Lady Michelle Obama may want us all to believe, ain’t no rising above the inequality in that.

Seriously, folks in the mainstream media can engage in hate speech and parrot just about anything crazy about Black people (as well as other disenfranchised groups). The most anyone can and will do about it is share the video of it on their timeline, bitterly blog about it, or write angrily about their displeasure over said racist sentiment in the comment section of said offensive article.

If we were all equal, Black people would be allowed to play on the offensive line, instead of always being on defense. If all things were equal then Minister Louis Farrakhan and his crazy pseudo-Afrocentric space aliens self would be making the rounds on every show, on every cable news channel every night, calling white people “cracker devils” to their faces, and it would be white people who would be in the position to defend and argue over whether or not he had a point. But all things are not fair, and that is why they pull Ann Coulter out of the broom closet, where they keep the witches every month, just to troll us.

And best believe, Coulter is a treasure troll of the highest order. As astutely pointed out in this 2013 essay by Amanda Marcotte entitled, “Ann Coulter is Not A Satirist“:

She’s a different kind of animal, a plain old charlatan, willing to say or do anything in order to get you to buy her book. The shoddy research in her books is not proof of some kind of Andy Kaufman-style performance art. It is simply evidence that she’s willing to lie to her audience in order to sell more books. The Ayn Randian “every man for himself” philosophy that guides the modern right means that even exploiting your ideological brethren for profit is acceptable behavior. That’s how megachurch pastors peddling miracles and conservative publishers selling snake oil sleep at night. Conservatives have figured out how to bilk the rubes while also organizing the rubes for political gain. That’s Coulter’s genius, and we should respect her work for what it actually is.

And it is important to keep this in mind whenever you see her name appear anywhere across your timelines, as I have done for the last two days. Keep it in mind when you hear about her latest incantation of trollish behavior, which comes by way of comments she made about the First Lady’s recent speech at Tuskegee. As reported by Mediate:

Joking that unlike Hannity’s first four guests she would offer the “black perspective” on Obama’s speech, Coulter declared, “I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now.” The pundit proceeded to denounce the “predator class” in the black community and deny the existence of “peaceful protesters” in Baltimore.

“Yes, America does owe black America for slavery, for the Democratic policies of Jim Crow,” Coulter admitted. “I think we’ve — we’re making it up now, when you’re getting admitted to Princeton when you can’t read, is that enough yet?” Even Hannity was forced to correct her logic on that one.

Her thoughts are so ridiculous; so beyond the point of both logic and reason, that it truly doesn’t warrant a response. Yet time and time again, I watch folks all up and down my timeline claim outrage and do just that: respond to her. They can’t believe she said something so vile. And I’m sitting here thinking, why can’t you believe it? This is her schtick. Ann Coulter will say anything to get herself on television and sell books. Quite frankly, I don’t believe she honestly believes her own rhetoric. And at this point, getting mad at her is the equivalent of getting mad at Stephen Colbert’s fake conservative routine: The joke is on you.

But if you insist on being angry at someone, get mad at the networks who continuously give her “punditry” a platform. I understand why they do it: Coulter’s nonsense brings them big ratings. All that post sharing and debating we do in the comment section of their websites brings those media outlets viewers, page views and big bucks in advertising. Still, we should expect more from the so-called fourth estate. And I’m talking about equality here.

Ultimately, freedom of speech is the name of the game, as well as our most important right – that is why it is the first amendment. And it is high time that equally egregious, truthful and even trollish Black people get a platform too. And I’m not just talking about Dr. Ben Carson and his untreated brain tumor. I’m talking about giving Minister Farrakhan his own show on MSNBC. Or put some of those dudes with names like Ra and Hotep who battle each other on YouTube over who is the most righteous (don’t act like I am the only one who has gone down the rabbit hole of those street corner intellectual battle videos on a late night before) Black Israelite of them all on Fox News.

Better yet, yesterday was the 30th Anniversary of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia. Why hasn’t Pam Africa been able to make the rounds on CNN? She’ll give it to them straight, and she won’t be trolling either.

Hell, give me some air time. I will troll the sh*t out of white people all day…

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