Things You Can Learn By Cooking With Your Date

May 13, 2015  |  
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You’re inviting a guy over to make dinner together. He thinks he’s going to get lucky, but he doesn’t know that he’s taking a little test! Will he pass? Here are 15 things you can learn by cooking with your date.

Is he patient?

Is he willing to prepare the delicious recipe you found that will take two hours in the oven, or does he push for something quick and want to get take-out food?

Is he wasteful?

If a big, gorgeous tomato has a little brown spot on it, does he throw it out or just cut the brown spot off and use it?





Is he flexible?

If you’re missing one ingredient, is he cool with just improvising with a different one and turning the brisket into a stew? Or does he freak out that one thing isn’t right, saying the meal and the night are ruined?

Is he creative?

Does he need a recipe (and have anxiety if you don’t give him one), or does he take joy in just seeing what’s in the kitchen and what you can create together?







Is he a product snob?

Does he care what brand of salt/cooking oil/butter you use, or is it all the same to him?

Is he considerate of your time?

Did he eat just an hour before coming over, claiming he’s not that hungry when he knew you were preparing a big meal? Or did he come over hungry, rushing you to finish cooking because he’s “starving”?

Does he drink all the cooking wine?

That could just be a sign of a drinking problem…







Is he a procrastinator?

Does he clean as he cooks or would he rather just watch TV while waiting for the water to boil? And when he sees the dishes, does he say, “We can do those later?”

Can he multitask?

If you ask him to do one thing while he’s already doing another, does he panic?

Is he controlling?

Does he insist on the pie staying in the oven for one and a half more minutes so the crust is absolutely perfect? Does he say this even though you’re telling him, “But I like it a little undercooked!?”

Does he have a little OCD?

Is he cutting the zucchini in perfectly measured centimeter-wide cubes and freaking out if they’re not all the same?


Will he help you clean?

When it’s obviously time to clean up, does he jump on the task or sort of dilly-dally, pretending to lift a dish while you do all the work?

Is he adventurous?

Will he try something he’s never had before? That doesn’t just pertain to what he will eat. Maybe that something isn’t just the recipe, but the activity of cooking with you.

Is he healthy?

Does he pay attention to how much butter he puts in the pan to brown the onions? Does he pay maybe a little too much attention? OR does he dump a ton of butter in there with no worry?

Is he in touch with his feminine side?

Is he okay with talking about heirloom tomatoes and food blogs? Or does he have to make some self-teasing remark and downplay the experience?

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