“A Few Good Women” Scandal 4×21 Recap

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I have to be honest, I haven’t been watching “Scandal” with the same zeal that I used to. But last night’s episode reminded me of the earlier days when I was rushing home to be on the couch by nine. So let’s get into it.

Tag Team

At the end of the the last episode, Olivia figured out that Russell was in B613 and at the top of this one, we see that he’s been turned over to the torturing tandem Huck and Quinn. They’re trying to determine the meaning and mission behind the codeword Foxtail. And though they vow not to kill Russell, Olivia tells him that by the end of it, he’ll wish he were dead.

Susan the hero

The show finally has a moral compass in the new Vice President, Susan. After visiting a naval base, she notices bruises on one of the female soldier’s wrist. She inquires about it and learns that she’s been raped by one of her superiors. And though Susan tries to take the matter to the White House to get it resolved, Fitz tells her that he can’t involve himself in these matters. But, instead of giving up, Susan takes the matter over his head, to Olivia Pope. Since she’s dealing with the military, an officer has to try the case. And the navy sends over a very young, inexperienced and seemingly incompetent officer to try the case. Quinn and Olivia essentially try the case themselves. He’s there simply as a formality.

He’ll Never Talk

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Huck and Quinn are getting nowhere with Russell. In fact, there’s one point where, determined not to reveal any information, he attempts to kill himself by swallowing a mercury pill. It’s after this that Jake, who’s been staying in Olivia’s apartment across the hall, tells Olivia that Huck and Quinn will never be able to break him because, at the end of the day, he’s just like him. The only difference is that Jake is in love with Olivia and Russell is not.

Jake and Russell

Since Jake sees himself in Russell and knows his struggle, he takes him some beer and the two have a nice little chat about what it’s been like working under Daddy Pope. They are very much alike. Russell was feeling a bit of shame having been caught by Olivia but Jake tells him this is all a part of Rowan’s plan. He continuously sends B613 agents into Olivia’s life to let her know that he’s still in charge. At the end of their conversation, Russell asks a very poignant, rhetorical question about Olivia: “She never had a chance did she?”

Mellie gets a voice

Elizabeth lets Mellie know that, though she is a woman, she’s not faring too well with them in the polls. She suggests that it would be in her best interest to travel to Springfield for a speaking engagement. Being that Springfield is the place where her son was killed, Mellie is absolutely against it. After swearing she can’t and won’t do it, Mellie travels to the city and distances herself from Fitz’s hand’s off approach when it comes to trying military rape cases. She’s on her way and it was certainly nice to see Mellie stepping out of Fitz’s long shadow.


If wiretaps got the people of the past caught up, in modern times, surveillance video, as we’ve seen, will be what does people in during our generation. The video of the military dragged his subordinate into the office where he ultimately raped her was caught on camera and he was subsequently taken down, publicly.

The Unsuspecting Attorney

The novice attorney is not at all who he appears to be. He isn’t an attorney at all. Instead, he’s another member of B613 sent by Daddy Pope to interfere in Olivia’s life and rescue Russell.

The Escape

In breaking Russell out of the apartment, the faux attorney had to injury Huck. Y’all know, despite his flaws, Huck is still our boo. So we’re not trying to see anything happen to him. Luckily, Jake later told Olivia and Quinn that he’ll live.


At the very end of the episode we hear one of the secret service agents…or another hidden member of B613 use the word “Foxtail” is on the move. The camera pans to show Mellie walking into a room in the White House and inside it is Daddy Pope greeting her with a smile. Who knows what’s going to happen next week. Either way, we’re anxious to see what Rowan wants with Mellie.

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