15 Ways Getting A Dog Prepares You For Kids

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Couples with dogs sometimes get teased for their devotion to their animals. Some people say, “They think they’re real parents, but they’re not.” But the truth is that couples who have a pet together may be more prepared to have children than those who don’t. Here’s how getting a dog prepares you for kids.




Gross becomes normal

You have to get used to talking about poop eventually. Having a dog prepares you for that, as well as the cleanup process. Did the dog poop? Was the poop healthy? How many times did he or she poop? You might as well shed your shame about this topic before having a kid.

Thrive on little sleep

You might get lucky and have one of those chill dogs who sleeps until 10 a.m. with you, but most likely you will be getting up at 7 a.m., and maybe during the night, to let your dog out. When you have kids, your whole schedule shifts to accommodate them. So having a dog prepares you to deal with all of that.



You will see how gentle your partner can be

Your partner, who considers himself a manly man, will suddenly talk to your dog in a baby voice and cradle the dog in his arms. At first you will be surprised, but then you’ll realize that you like this side of him.

Emergency financial situations

You will have a vet bill that costs you $500 when you literally had the least expensive procedure done. With such monetary issues arising, you’ll realize that emergency financial situations can come around every corner and that you need to prepare for them. The same thing will happen with a child, so you need to get ready to give up some luxuries.

You’ll get better at budgeting

You won’t just spend less on luxuries, but you’ll also really focus on budgeting. Dogs don’t just have emergency needs—they have regular ones like food, grooming, and treats. If you don’t learn to budget, your dog could go without–as could your child.

You will stop arguing about dishes

You can argue over whose dish is in the sink…when it’s a human dish. But you need to clean your dog’s bowl regularly. You’ll just have to split that task, and once you do, you’ll argue less about dishes and household chores in general.

You’ll respect your partner’s schedule more

No matter how much you and your partner love the dog, you will find yourselves arguing about who is walking him. And you will both believe that what you have to rush off to is more important. Then you will argue about not respecting one another’s schedules, and you will learn that you cannot imply that what your partner has to do is less important than what you have to do. Better come to that realization now.

You’ll argue over training

Do you believe in positive reinforcement or punishment-based training? Your dog-training views probably reflect your parenting views. Good to know that early on.

Can the dog sleep in the bed?

Your views on whether or not the dog can sleep in the bed will also probably reflect your views on whether or not the baby can sleep in the bed. Attachment parenting: yes or no?


You will always watch the ground

Dogs snatch up everything they can find on the ground. You will learn to clean up anything hazardous on the floor in your house and always watch the ground when you’re out. A baby will pick up anything, too. Learning how to keep an eye out for your dog will help you look out for the safety of your child.






Are you spoilers?

Are designer sweaters important or ridiculous? What about facials for dogs? If you do the absolute most for your dog, all that pampering will pale in comparison to what you will do for your kid.



You will realize that things will be all right

As a new doggy parent, you will stress about every single thing. You will be overprotective, buy the most expensive of everything, and at some point, you will learn that most things turn out all right. That relaxed mentality will translate to having and raising a child when you are nervous about your parenting skills.

You learn to love any personality

You go in certain of all the character traits that you want a dog to have when you adopt it. Then you realize that you could learn to love any dog you bring home. Now you can stop wishing, hoping and praying for specific character traits out of your kids. They’re going to be who they’re going to be.

You will make friends!

It can be hard to make new friends as a couple, but you will instantly bond with other doggy parents. You need all the couple friends you can get when you have a screaming baby and can only afford a sitter once a month. When you go out on a double date, you want it to be with people you really care about.

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