So, You’re Not Going To Change The Toilet Paper? Dumb Things Every Couple Fights About

May 8, 2015  |  
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From the toilet paper roll to what’s on TV, these are the dumb things every couple fights about. Who knew “over” or “under” in terms of toilet paper could cause such confusion?

Everything IKEA

If it weren’t for IKEA, millions of couples wouldn’t fight over $6 lamp shades each year. Personally, I blame the floor plan.

Someone Else’s Wedding

Nothing makes you ask “Where do you see our relationship going?” quicker than watching someone else have their happily ever after while enjoying an open bar.


You won’t admit you’re fighting because of your hormones. He’s not allowed to suggest that this fight is probably because of your hormones. This one is going to keep going until someone is smart enough to bring you some chocolate, or you wake up tomorrow and realize you have no idea what you were so angry about.

Romantic Comedies

“Why haven’t you ever surprised me with 15 dozen roses at work?”

Loading The Dishwasher

Dishwashers technically made kitchen chores easier for couples. But you will never know how many ways there are to load the things wrong until someone else loads them.

The Last Slice OF Pizza

Once the honeymoon is over, the days of “Oh I’m not hungry, you can have it” are too.

Hypothetical Situations

“If you could sleep with one celebrity who would it be?” Who says the wrong answer to a fake question can’t lead to a real fight?

A Sip

Because you said you didn’t want any but then changed your mind… again.

The Toilet Paper Roll

He says you’re the one who never replaces it, but you’re pretty sure he’s the culprit. And lets not even get started on “over or under.”


Once you’re in a relationship, “Where did I put that again?” becomes “Why are you always moving my stuff?” This argument usually ends when you find whatever you were looking for in your purse.


From “Do I look fat in this?” to “Are you really planning on wearing that?”


How do two-day-old leftovers become the most important thing in the world? Well, he ate them after you went to bed last night, and you woke up this morning with your mouth all ready to finally have some. Someone is getting cussed out.


I can’t be the only one who had a dream about my significant other doing dirt and woke up still mad at him in real life.

“It Doesn’t Matter Where We Eat”

Then you make a suggestion, and he shuts it down. Repeat for 30 minutes until you both give up and just order from the same place like you always do.

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