15 Things To Actually Like About Your Period

May 5, 2015  |  
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Sometimes, in the middle of the cramps and the bloating, you can look on the bright side of things. Every cloud has a silver lining, even the one that brings Aunt Flo.

You Aren’t Pregnant

For anyone that’s had a scare, this is a definite “Hallelujah!”

It’s An Excuse To Snack

You couldn’t stop that chocolate craving if you wanted to. Might as well indulge.

You Can Get Out A Good Cry

Crying is cathartic. Time to pull out all of your favorite sad movies.

A Good Man Is Extra Good

And if he’s got his calendar marked, he’s got chocolate, hot water bottles, and Midol already covered.

You Can Bust Out The Comfy Pants

Spanx? Buttons? Zippers? Not this week.

You Can Ignore The Scale

This week it could actually just be a little water weight.

“I Have Cramps” Is Like A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Especially when your professor is a man who’d rather send you home immediately than have to talk about “lady things.”

You Can Stay High

On a pleasant cloud of pain medication that keeps the worst of the symptoms at bay.

You Get Some Quality Time Alone

Even significant others are smart enough to stay at work a little later.

You Get A Guilt-Free Night Off

I like to call it the red card because it shuts all sex conversations down.

Your Boobs Get Bigger

Time to pull out that push-up that normally doesn’t fit!

It’s A No Gym Kind Of Week

Exercise is supposed to make your period symptoms better. But so does a mini-vacation in my time of suffering.

You Can Bond With Other Women

When asking a stranger for an emergency tampon or to quickly check the back of your pants.


Fun Tampon Accessories

Because while we’re here we might as well have fun.

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