Would You Go On She’s Got Game? Reality Dating Show Secrets You’ll Want To Know

April 22, 2015  |  
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Reality dating shows have been a TV staple since The Dating Game. If you have watched them over the years, you will be still surprised to discover these behind-the-scenes secrets from some of your favorites.

It’s Hard To Be The Real You

With all the love triangles, breakups and makeups on Love & Hip Hop, we might as well call it a reality dating show.

And when it comes to reality TV, Joseline Hernandez recently said the person you see on TV isn’t always the real thing. Duh:

“A lot of the girls that are on the show, they act, and so there’s a lot of acting in a reality TV show, whether it’s Love and Hip Hop or another show.”

She added:

“The reality TV show showcases a lot of who we are not. And I say that because you never know what happens in a reality TV show, they’ll showcase your music, they’ll showcase certain things, but that’s not who Joseline Hernandez is.”

Some of Those Women Are Really Crazy

And a former Flavor of Love producer would know because he went to the same school as the contestant Hottie:

“In the first season, we had this girl, Hottie. She was actually a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, which was where I went to college, and I just couldn’t believe it. Like, I was embarrassed for my school a little bit. She was such a piece of work.

She really wanted to marry him and move into that mansion. She was not kidding. She was just real but real … crazy. One of my favorites.”

He May Not Really Be A Millionaire

Millionaire Matchmaker sounds like just the place to meet a nice (and rich) man. But Patti Stanger said the guys on the show aren’t always her real clients — many would rather keep their personal lives private.

Catfights Are Often Encouraged

But assault and battery is still illegal. Slapping or punching a contestant is likely to get you kicked off and sued.

Auditioning Is A Long Process

Got your application and ready to pack your bags? You may want to hold your horses just a little bit. While it often looks like girls just show up off of the street for these shows, the application process can take months.

Before getting screen time, there are applications to fill out, photos to take, and casting calls to attend!

You May Just Fall In Love

We all struggled to believe that any of the girls on Flavor of Love were actually feeling Flavor Flav. But the show’s former producer said many of them were:

“One of the biggest questions you always get is, ‘Well, come on. Could they really be into Flavor Flav?’ Always, the answer to the question, ‘Were they really that into him?’ is yes.

When you take a group of people, take them away from their homes, take away their cell phones and television, and their phone calls are bugged — and there’s this one guy who shows up and decides whether you’ll get to eat a nice dinner tonight or whether you’re going to be in a limo with him — it’s like Stockholm Syndrome and they become very quickly caught up in it.”

There May Be Actual Actors

OK, so Cheaters isn’t technically a “dating show,” but it’s not the only reality relationship show accused of hiring actors.

Turns out that even that infamous stabbing was fake…

The Producers May Push Your Buttons

We knew there was a reason why everyone was always losing their cool on these dating shows.

You know how contestants sometimes walk off set like everything is okay, but then they come back a few seconds later and cuss everyone out?

Turns out, producers may have instigated a situation in order to set that person off.

Sex = Air Time

No one will encourage you to have sex. However, oa former Flavor of Love producer said that some girls do what they feel they have to do to get their 15 minutes of fame:

“You do what you think is going to make the producers keep the camera on you. That might be [Season One’s] Pumkin and Hoopz taking a shower with Flav and making out.”

Contestants Get Tested

Personality tests, psychiatric evaluations, STD tests. You name it, they take ’em.

Rising Stars Need Not Apply

Reality TV sounds like a good way to get your 15 minutes of fame, but producers actually shy away from contestants who seem to have an agenda other than getting to know a person better and finding love.

You May Be In For A Surprise

At least one contest on Dating Naked said she had no idea her private parts would be on TV when she signed up…

You Have To Supply Your Own Wardrobe

At least for some reality dating shows. Are the budgets really that tight?

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