Even Britney’s Had Enough: Hecklers Who Took Things Too Far And Got Schooled

April 23, 2015  |  
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Remember when your mother told you. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Apparently these hecklers didn’t get the message.

Michelle Obama

Everyone’s entitled to their political opinion. But when one heckler interrupted a private fundraiser to demand that President Obama sign an anti-discrimination executive order, Michelle Obama had to step down from her podium to deliver this no-nonsense-mom ultimatum:

“Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

An audience member told the heckler “You need to go,” and she was escorted from the room saying later “She came right down in my face. I was taken aback.”

We bet she was…

Russell Brand

Apparently, folks are heckling celebrities for their beliefs now. Comedian Russell Brand found that out recently when one fan yelled out “Gandhi was a c-nt” during one of his shows.

But instead of stooping to his level, Russell Brand told his heckler to GTFO in one of the funniest way possible.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby’s tours may not be quieting down, but his hecklers are getting louder. One audience in Ontario almost broke into a riot when hecklers chanting “We believe the women” began arguing with Bill Cosby’s supports.

But before things could get too out of hand, Bill Cosby shut his hecklers down by having them escorted from the building (and again when protests erupted at his next performance).

Michael Vick

These days, celebrities don’t even have to be on stage to get heckled. Michael Vick narrowly escaped an altercation at an NYC bar when a heckler ran right up to him to rant about dogs.

But instead of taking the bait and ending up on the news, Vick just calmly waited for security to drag the heckler away. Later he said, “I am not sure why this person was seeking attention. It’s a reminder of how thankful I am for my fans.”

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has managed to keep herself out of the tabloids for quite a few years. But when one heckler called her a “fat b–ch” during a recent performance in Las Vegas, Britney couldn’t keep her cool.

Audiences recorded her calling him a “f—ing a–hole” before launching into her 2011 hit Till the World Ends.

Lauryn Hill

Sometimes hecklers get so bad that stars have to take a moment out of their busy schedules to explain that celebrities are people too.

When one heckler interrupted Lauryn’s show to shout “Why are you late?” he got a lesson in life.

Instead of getting on her heckler’s level, Lauryn Hill — who was running around 90 minutes behind schedule — took the high road and explained that she wasn’t a “sheep” or a “robot” and that, like everyone from time to time, she was dealing “with different issues” and wound up running late.

That heckler shut up and the show was allowed to go on.

Lil’ Wayne

One of Lil’ Wayne’s hecklers got so bad that his security team had to get involved. The heckler (allegedly) threw a beer bottle at Wayne, verbally harrassed him and then printed “F–k Weezy” on his phone so Lil’ Wayne could see it from stage.

But what the camera’s caught was Weezy’s security team heading into the crowd to hit the heckler twice before having him escorted out.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens says that her hecklers get so bad she can’t even make eye contact. She told Jimmy Fallon:

“There was this fan, front right, very front row, and every single time I walked past him he’d go, ’Vanessa! Vanessa!’ And I looked at him once, and that was it — like, if you give a mouse a cookie, he comes back asking for a glass of milk.”

The guy continued his heckling but Vanessa decided that the best policy was “ignore it”: “I’m like, I’m trying to do a show. I don’t know who this Vanessa is!”

Dave Chappelle

One racist heckler threw a banana peel at Dave Chappelle.

But Dave had the last laugh, joking:

“First of all, I am not going to let White people ruin bananas for me *^&%&%*& they’re a good source of potassium.

Corey when you find that muthafucka, do not throw him out, bring him to me. First, I’m going to kill him with my comedy and then I’m going to kick him in his fu–ing face.”

Kanye West

Remember the heckler that called Kim Kardashian a “n-gger lover?” A lot of critics thought the altercation was a publicity stunt, but Kanye ended up settling out of court with his racist fan for $250,000.

Hannibal Burress

Drunk hecklers are the worst hecklers. And Hannibal’s got so loud that he had to stop the show for one of the funniest reads in comedy history. Check out the clip here.

LeBron James

Some hecklers won’t stop until someone puts a stop to them. The New Jersey Nets have been dealing with obnoxious heckler Mr. Whammy for years.

But when he tried his usual tactic — standing behind the basket to heckle players during free throws — LeBron finally put a stop to it and had Mr. Whammy removed from the court.

Mr. Whammy responded by complaining, “LeBron is a cry baby. I know it was him that asked the security to make me move. He doesn’t like that I make him miss. He thinks he’s more powerful than anyone in the NBA.”

Chris Brown

Are Crips heckling celebrities now?

TMZ nabbed a video a video of a man taunting Chris Brown while he was on his way to his car from an LA night club yelling “Is that motherfu**er bulletproof?! I ain’t never seen a ni**er jump in a car that fast, ni**er.”

And when Chris yelled back to ask his heckler if he was bulletproof, he responded “I’m a crip ni**er, hell yeah, I’m bulletproof!”

But before Chris Brown drove away he got in one last word: “Don’t get f**ked up out here, my n**ga.”

That’s too many n-bombs for either of them to have learned a lesson here.

Katt Williams

Just when it looked like Katt Williams’ troubles were over, a heckler at the West Hollywood Comedy Store started cracking jokes about the comedians height and race.

So Katt — who wasn’t even on stage at the time — responded by drawing his gun. Or at least that’s what fans allege. By the time the cops arrived, Katt was already gone.

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