Could A Dog Save Your Love Life? 15 Surprising Reasons To Get A Pet

April 21, 2015  |  
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National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 30) is just around the corner! On the fence about getting a furry BFF? Read these surprising reasons to get a pet and you may just change your mind. Could a dog save your relationship and your life?

They Give You An Excuse To Exercise

Need a reason to put on your running shoes? Dogs are so good at getting you to go out for your recommended daily amount of exercise that dog owners are actually healthier (and have lower cholesterol) than folks without pets.

You Can Buy Happiness

It’s a scientific fact: People who own pets are generally happier than those who don’t.

Dogs Lower Your Blood Pressure

Just hanging around a dog has a calming effect that helps bring blood pressure down to normal levels. For those who are prone to high blood pressure, a four-legged friend may be just the ticket to maintaining good health.

Dogs Have Built-In Social Settings

Tired of meeting men in bars? The dog park is the other social hub where singles go to meet one another. Even on a walk, dog owners are seen as more approachable than those out without a furry partner in crime.

You Can Save On Therapy

Did you know that pets help fight depression? Therapists have even prescribed pets to patients dealing with and recovering from the illness.

They Can Help You Start A Cottage Business

Responsible dog breeders can make thousand per year while caring for the pets that they love.

They Can Help You Be Better Parents

Many couples test out their parenting skills with a fur baby. Therapists say that this baby step toward parenthood can teach couples a lot about responsibility, patience, and being comfortable with their different parenting styles.

Pets Give Babies An Immune Boost

There’s another good reason why you should consider getting a pet before starting a family. Kids raised around cats, dogs and other pets have fewer allergies, fewer colds, and lower odds of having asthma than kids who grow up without them.

They Help Kids Overcome ADHD

Pets aren’t just for new parents. Did you know that dogs can help kids manage ADHD? The responsibility, exercise, and calming effects of having a dog help kids deal with their symptoms in a healthy way.

There Are Few Better Ways To Relax

Petting animals doesn’t just make you feel good. It releases a relaxation hormone that cuts stress and makes you feel content.

A Cat Can Save Your Life

Especially if you have a family history of strokes. Cats have a calming effect that reduces your risk of having one. How? Scientists haven’t quite figured out how to explain it. They just know it works!

A Dog Can Double As A Diabetic Alarm

Some dogs — roughly one in three — can pick up on blood sugar dips associated with diabetes and warn their owners to have a snack to avoid an emergency.

Puppy Love

If this cutie doesn’t make you want to get a dog, nothing will!

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