Silly Sacrifices Men Make In Relationships

April 23, 2015  |  
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When someone is truly making a sacrifice for you, you probably never realize it because part of the sacrifice is for them to not complain about it. Here are 12 funny sacrifices men make in relationships for the sake of us womenfolks.

Keeping a tampon box under his sink

You tell him you’re tired of bringing your supplies over since you sleep there all the time. So when his friends go to grab a new roll of toilet paper, they grab a Tampax box on accident. Your guy never hears the end of it.

Keeping your shoe purchases safe

His neighborhood is safer, or he is just home more often than you are, so you send your online shopping purchases to his place. And his neighbors think he shops at Victoria’s Secret way too much.

Eating non-problematic foods

Your guy probably scarfs down food that makes him fart/burp/run to the bathroom all night around his guy friends because, well, that’s just what they do. But he probably has to give up that stuff when you’re around.

De-clogging the drain

You get more hair in his shower drain during one night of washing your hair than he does all month. Still, he just goes in there with a snake and says nothing about it.

Re-locating your used tampons

He dumps them for you so his dog doesn’t take them out of the bathroom trash and so his guests don’t see them. It’s probably also because he doesn’t want to stare at them either…

More pillows

Men like one or two pillows max. Women like many pillows. So he lets you buy four extra for his bed and he sleeps in a mound of them when you’re not there, pushing them away all night.

Letting you borrow his PJs…on your period

He knows deep down (and based on logic) that you’re not going to mess up his pants if you’re wearing underwear and a heavy overnight pad. But it does weird him out to let you wear his PJ pants while you’re kicking it with Aunt Flo. He pretends it’s cool, and then washes them three times the next day.

Telling your doc stuff

You are itching down south so he has to tell your doctor the brand of soap he uses, the material of his boxers, and the brand of condoms he buys. That way your doctor can eliminate causes of your problem.

Eating at the table

When you’re not there, you better believe he stands over the sink and eats. He may even eat on the toilet.

Picking up your panties

Your guy probably regularly finds your panties on his floor, so he picks them up for you. And you know they had any number of fluids (or solids) on them that came out of you and you know he saw that, and still, he didn’t say anything.

Letting people assume he’s mean

If you’re emotional and cry over movies, or YouTube videos, or just because, your man’s neighbors hear that. It’s weird if he explains to them he isn’t the reason you were crying—then they’d assume he definitely was—so he just takes the death stares.

Keeping probiotic yogurt in his fridge

You can’t go to the bathroom unless you have the stuff daily. So now, your guy has 12-packs of beer and 12-packs of pink Activia in his fridge for his friends to see.

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