RHOA Finale: Mama Joyce Sort Of Apologizes To Todd, Apollo Comes Calling, And NeNe Takes Broadway

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After months of name-calling, bickering, African side pieces, Roger Bobbs, pseudo truces, and major successes, we’ve finally made it to the season finale of RHOA! *Does a little jig on the couch*

But did season seven go out with a bang? Let’s talk about all that went down on Sunday’s season finale and get ourselves mentally prepared for the reunion.

If She Can Make It There, She Can Make It Anywhere

As the episode begins, NeNe, Gregg and their son Brentt stroll down the streets of Times Square, heading towards the theater where she will make her debut as the wicked stepmother in Cinderella. As they enter and stand on the empty stage, NeNe gets emotional when she thinks about how far she has come, and all the expectations she has on her back for opening night.

Will Life Twirl On?

NeNe isn’t the only cast member working hard. Kenya is doing voice-over work for the pilot of her show, Life Twirls On. Moore’s nerves are also getting the best of her during recording, as she struggles with her lines. She needs about 20 takes to do a line about Eminem and why they call him “Slim Shady.” But eventually she gets it together and is optimistic about how the pilot will turn out. She’s so confident that she invites all the ladies to a screening on the same night as NeNe’s opening night on Broadway. Guess those tickets NeNe promised them never came in the mail…

When One Door Closes…

Cynthia meets up with Peter at the old Bar One location to help him pack things up. The original space is closing after three years and a lot of behind-the-scenes monetary drama. After holding quite a few big events at the location,  Peter is a little emotional to see his pride and joy close. But the good news is that the new Bar One location will be opening soon, and things between Peter and Cynthia, both a committed couple and now business partners, are in a good place. She says, “Just like our marriage, we keep going and we don’t stop. That’s what success is.”

Will Todd And Mama Joyce Ever Kiss And Make Up?

While things between Cynthia and Peter are in a much better place, things between Kandi and Todd…well, they’re getting there. He’s back in town from LA and the couple is planning to go to Mama Joyce’s housewarming party for the new home Kandi bought her. Kandi is excited to see her family, but Todd is knocking back a drink to prepare himself for the Old Lady Gang. He lets Kandi know that he has no problem going to the party, but he doesn’t plan to say much. In case you forgot, Mama Joyce said that Todd’s father was a pimp and his mother was a prostitute. Todd says that until Joyce apologizes for such hurtful garbage, “I’m always going to have that resentment.”

Todd Finally Gets An Apology From Joyce, And It’s A Sorry One

When Todd, Kandi and Riley finally arrive at Mama Joyce’s home, off the bat things go left when he runs over one of her outdoor lamps. Kandi hopes Joyce never finds out because “we won’t be mentioning that…”

When they get inside, they sit down to a massive dinner created by Kandi’s aunts (which Joyce tries to take credit for). Mama Joyce thanks everyone for coming to her new home, and especially thanks Kandi for helping her get such a fancy new place. Her smile is so wide, which is crazy considering that we rarely see Mama Joyce happy…

As dinner goes on, Kandi gets everyone’s attention to inform them that Todd’s show, Hollywood Divas, has been greenlit for a second season. With that being said, she also wants to let them know that she wants to go to LA to support her husband–and she plans to take Riley with her. Her family isn’t crazy about the idea, especially Riley, who says she isn’t interested in going to LA because she’s focused on school. When it’s time to get Mama Joyce’s opinion on all this, interestingly enough, she only says that she hopes for a happier year for herself, Kandi, and Todd. She even apologizes to her son-in-law for the things she said about him and his late mother. Unfortunately, the apology is not all that sincere, and Todd isn’t feeling it. Joyce says sorry but lets him know that she only called his mother a prostitute because it was information that she received from other people, even if it wasn’t a fact.

Um…what kind of apology is that?

Apollo Returns…Via Collect Call

As Peter and Cynthia check out a random new space Peter decided to rent for a coffee shop he wants to open up (Cynthia isn’t happy about it because she wants him to focus on the construction and reopening of Bar One), Peter receives a phone call from Apollo Nida. On the phone, Nida says that he’s trying to keep his spirits up in prison, but he can’t help but feel down since Phaedra hasn’t brought Ayden and Dylan to see him once. Both Peter and Cynthia are sad to hear this, but Cynthia is, for once, hesitant to stick her nose in Apollo and Phaedra’s business. We remember how things went down with that tea on “Mr. Chocolate.” But Peter? Oh, he can’t help himself. He ends up asking Apollo if he heard about Phaedra filing for divorce, and Apollo lets him know that his family informed him of the moves she was making. When the phone call ends, though Cynthia isn’t happy to be back in the middle of Phaedra and Apollo’s marital mess, she says that she hopes Phae Phae’s friends, including new BFF NeNe, will encourage her to take the boys to see their father. It’s only right.

Phaedra Is Unbothered

Across town, Phaedra isn’t worried about what Apollo wants. She’s baking cookies with her boys and she’s in good spirits. During her confessional, she lets the audience know that she has not decided to take the boys to see their father because making the trek is more complicated than people think. They are in Atlanta, but Apollo is being held in Kentucky. There isn’t anything set up for children when they visit, so Phaedra is worried that she would have nowhere to change Dylan. And if Ayden needed to go the bathroom, their visit would allegedly have to end early because she would need to take him out of the waiting area and have to go through a search all over again to get back in it. With all that in mind, she feels like she’s screwed no matter what, so she’s in no hurry to take the boys to see Apollo. If she doesn’t take them, they could hold it against her. If she does take them too soon, she thinks Ayden could be resentful about having to see his father in prison. What’s a mom to do?

It’s Showtime For NeNe!

It’s the morning of NeNe’s Broadway debut, and she says that the only RHOA cast member who reached out to her was Phaedra. NeNe claims that the invitation for two Cinderella tickets she shared with the ladies in Puerto Rico was still good, but no one contacted her about coming to see her on the Great White Way.

But life goes on. NeNe gets her last few pointers about what she should and shouldn’t do on stage and tries to get her nerves in check. This is one of the biggest nights of her life!

It’s Also Showtime For Kenya!

It’s also one of the biggest nights in Kenya’s life. She is having a screening of her show, Life Twirls On, on the same night as NeNe’s Broadway debut. She invites the ladies and asks them to come in formal wear. When they arrive, they’re shocked to see that it looks like a wedding is going on, but there doesn’t seem to be a groom. Kenya finally shows up in a huge wedding gown to take the ladies to a screening room to watch the pilot of her show. As silly as the party is, the pilot actually seems pretty hilarious (and there’s even a homemade hair commercial in it!). The ladies are even laughing out loud over it.

“I’m The Real Cinderella”

Back in New York City, NeNe finishes her first run of Cinderella and is given a standing ovation by the crowd. After weeks of preparation and nerves, NeNe has successfully made one of her dreams come true. According to her, “I’m the real Cinderella.”

NeNe ends the season on a high note, and according to her “Where Are They Now?” recap, she and Gregg have moved into a new $2.1 million dollar home in Atlanta. Collect those coins, girl!

Where Are The Ladies Now?

It’s also a successful night for Kenya, whose screening is a hit with the ladies. One can’t help but smile at the camaraderie between the ladies, something we haven’t seen in a very long time. As the season comes to a close and the ladies pose in a photo booth at Kenya’s screening, we also receive a recap about what’s going on in their lives now that the cameras are off:

Claudia is preparing to do some open mic nights to really give her stand-up comedy career a chance, but she isn’t sure whether or not she is ready to get some work done on those hammer toes of hers.

Cynthia and Peter are doing well. They’re still preparing for the reopening of Bar One, as well as Peter’s new coffee shop.

Kandi and Todd celebrated their one-year anniversary recently, but they’ve put a move to LA on hold for right now.

Phaedra is focusing on being a happy and successful single mom. She still says it’s no one’s business whether or not she will divorce Apollo or if she plans to take their boys to see him in prison.

And Kenya, well, she’s twirling on. She did Millionaire Matchmaker and found love, and she’s trying to sell the pilot of her show to a network.

So yes, there is finally peace and love between the ladies of Atlanta.

Well, at least until the reunion of course…

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