How Do You Handle The Setbacks In Your Life?

April 21, 2015  |  

In many ways, life would be boring if we did the same old thing and had too much consistency. There would be no excitement or a challenge to help us build our character.

Does that mean setbacks are a good thing?


Obstacles like a job loss, failing relationship, or anything else that causes you to stumble are never easy to handle. They shake your foundation and make you question if there’s something wrong with you and your abilities. All of us have dealt with barriers at some point in our lives, but the important thing to focus on is not how long you stay down, but rather how you get back up.

Like most of you, I myself had to face challenging times where I questioned just how far my faith could take me. As someone who’s pursued non-traditional career ventures instead of the traditional 9-to-5, there are times when you ask yourself whether or not your decisions help or hinder your household. This of course is an extreme example of a setback; a daily life hurdle can just be a neuisance. Your computer doesn’t work. Your internet keeps going in and out. Why does it feel like bad luck purposely follows you to make the simplest things so hard?

Are you currently struggling with a setback or two in your life? Here are some tips on how to deal.

Stay optimistic. Allow your faith or optimism to be bigger than your fears. If not, you’ll stay in neutral and never realize your full potential.

Be vulnerable. Does this mean share feelings and stuff? Yes. While you don’t have to put all of your business out for the world to see, there’s nothing wrong with speaking to a trusted confidant. In fact, it can be a real stress-reliever as you’re now able to release any pent up emotions. You also never know who can help or be a contact for a future opportunity.

Realize setbacks are temporary. No matter how much your current situation stings, it’s temporary. Never wave the flag of defeat because something you wanted is now a little harder to achieve. There are too many examples of successful people who overcame temporary roadblocks.

Journal your experiences. This isn’t a mandatory step but can really help. Keep a journal of your life where you can document important events, accomplishments and challenging times.

Look to the past for motivation. With your journal or thoughts handy, spend a little time venturing down memory lane. You might remember a similar situation in the past where you almost gave up. How were you able to get out of it? Use your life as a testimony that you are strong enough to endure the hardest challenges thrown your way.

Rest. Oh how sleep can make a difference. Rather than think about your setback nonstop, give your mind and body much needed rest. Believe it or not, stress takes a toll on the body, whether you have physical signs or not. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to disconnect from life, find quiet time and get a good night’s sleep.

Note: If you have vacation time you might want to consider a mini vacation to clear your head. It never hurts to push the refresh button from time to time.

What are some ways you deal with setbacks in your life? Are there any changes you can make for the better?

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