Dealing With A Debbie Downer: Signs You Have A Negative Nancy In Your Circle

April 21, 2015  |  
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None of us are immune to misfortune and tough times in life. During those tough times, we all can become prone to seeking company in our misery, and we’ll unintentionally do things that are out of character for us. But that is not the case with a true Negative Nancy. They aren’t acting out of character; they simply can’t help themselves. Spreading negativity has become a part of who they are.

If you or someone you know is behaving in any of the following ways, it may be time to rid yourself of the energy or the person altogether.

They Are Chronic Complainers

If you brought a negative person who tends to complain about everything to a beautiful beach, they’d probably say things like, “It’s so hot! Why are there so many people here? Ew, sand.” Girl, bye. People who are so far gone in their negativity don’t even realize that they’ve been complaining through an entire conversation. Dissatisfaction with everything is ingrained in their speech, and they will find a way to be dissatisfied even with situations where a complaint isn’t warranted.

They Negate The Happiness of Others

If you are looking to share the news of an exciting opportunity with a negative person, forget about it. They will jump at the chance to knock anyone unafraid to do something worthwhile down to their unhappy little level. Negative people are all too eager to point out all the things that can go wrong in every situation. They have a tendency to project their fears and doubts onto other people and do so sugarcoated in an “I’m just being realistic” kind of way.

They Always Expect The Worst From Others

A negative person takes frivolous matters personally and assumes that people have the worst intentions. 

Negative People Love To Gossip

We all love to hear a juicy story, especially when it doesn’t directly involve us, but people engrossed in negative energy seem to have an endless pit of unfortunate information to share about other people. Miss Negative Nancy is the undisputed champ of kicking people when they are down and will do just that. When stuck in a negative space in one’s life, tearing down others serves as a way for a negative person to temporarily build themselves back up.

Backhanded Compliment Kind Of Person

“You looked so pretty I almost didn’t even recognize you!” These little slips of the tongue can be unintentional, but if you hear them regularly, chances are the person dishing them out is a Negative Nancy. Insulting someone under the guise of a compliment is passive-aggressive behavior. Passive aggressiveness is linked to low self-esteem and low self-confidence, and it’s a tell-tale sign of someone who dwells in pure negative energy.

Turning Molehills Into Mountains

A conversation about something as trivial as the weather can turn into a brawl worthy of reality TV. When you are dealing with a person steeped in negative energy, you never know what you will say that could trigger an explosive reaction. Negative people can be described as “ticking time bombs” ready to explode at any given moment.

Argumentative With Strangers

Negative people usually walk into an establishment or gathering already aware that they are about four, five seconds from wildin’. They enjoy berating people, especially those with little or no authority. They are rude and overly critical of waiters and service workers wherever they go. We all have our bad days, but unhappy people never pass up the opportunity to belittle someone else. 

Negative People Have No Boundaries

People dealing with unchecked negative emotions have an urgency to unload. Nothing gives them more satisfaction than seeing your reaction after they hit you with a low blow. Yes, these people know exactly where to find your button, and they are not afraid to push it. They are usually the first to resort to name-calling and shaming their opponent in an argument.

Compliment Comes With A Critique

If Negative Nancy does give out a compliment, she will follow it up with a thorough critique. She will say things like, “She’s beautiful, but (insert insignificant flaw here).” There isn’t anything wrong with going against the grain and having an opposing opinion, but it isn’t that simple when you’re dealing with a Negative Nancy. They’re conditioned to automatically focus on the flaws in everything.

They Can’t Take A Compliment Either

You can’t give people dealing with negative emotions a genuine compliment. Their response isn’t a simple “Thank you.” Instead, they discredit the compliment altogether. They are so dissatisfied with themselves that they cannot see the good that others see in them. Therefore, they kick back any compliment you genuinely give to them.

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