Who Says There’s Only One Formula To Success? Why It’s Okay To Be A Part-Time Entrepreneur

April 15, 2015  |  

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When are people going to realize we aren’t crabs in a bucket trying to claw our way to the top? There’s enough room for everyone to enjoy life and be successful.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been an ongoing “war” between mothers who work and the ones who take care of their household full-time. As a work-from-home mommy myself, I often find myself playing referee to friends who argue each side. My question is why the heck are there sides? Do what you feel is best for your family and stop worrying about what others think.

Just when I thought things were in the clear and there was understanding here comes another showdown: the battle between full-time and part-time entrepreneurs.

Before we get into, let’s take a look at what an entrepreneur is. The dictionary defines one as a person who “organized, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” Did you notice something? It never mentioned industry, time or anything else that could be associated with a person’s work ethic.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many entrepreneurs from different walks of life. Some are mothers trying to build an empire that can support their family while others enjoy a side business to supplement income, or provide a much-needed creative outlet. Everyone is different and yet have one goal in mind: to do something that makes them happy and be successful.

So what if a person chooses to pursue their dreams part time? Hopefully this sounds just as silly to you as I try my best to keep calm in the midst of foolishness.

I have two gal pals who are both pursuing their dreams of starting a small business. One is in a corporate environment that doesn’t satisfy all of her needs. The other actually enjoys what she does and simply wants something extra on the side. Like their ventures, both business ideas are completely different, including their target markets. My “corner office” friend has visions of enterprising and becoming the next female billionaire. My other friend prefers a more modest approach and loves catering to the needs of everyday gals like herself.

During a recent chat, things quickly went from empowerment to tearing down each other as they both started arguing.

Pass the popcorn, here we go.

“How can you think so small? Don’t you want more for yourself?” questioned my corner office friend.

“Not everyone needs to be Oprah to call themselves successful,” snapped back my “Suzie homemaker” pal.

After spending time listening to both sides, I realized one thing: there’s no right or wrong answer to being an entrepreneur. Thankfully we live in a world where trying new things and access to modern technology makes life–and the pursuit of happiness–all the more real. Here are two amazing women with different visions fighting over which method is best.

My corporate friend hates the culture that comes along with her paycheck and thus wants to make a major change. Kudos to her for working 80-hour weeks to make this happen. We need more women-owned businesses that can employ other ladies. That doesn’t mean my other friend’s business is any less worthy of mention or success. Unlike my corporate amiga, she’s actually happy with her job and what she does. Instead of turning it into a full-time venture, she enjoys working a few hours each day to satisfy orders and earn extra income for her family.

As excited as you are about your dreams of being an entrepreneur, it’s important not to force your vision on someone else. I myself love running my online site and freelancing to help pad my financial endeavors. I can work from home and dedicate a little extra time to my little one (and baby on the way).

This is my dream that I’m living, and if it looks different than someone else’s that’s okay. There’s more to being an entrepreneur than the hours you put in.

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