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Today, as we were discussing the death of Walter Scott at the hands of former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, we wondered how a traffic stop for a broken brake light, resulted in two men running in a field and eventually the death of one.

Today, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division released the dash cam video that showed how the two men went from sitting in their cars to Walter Scott lying dead outside.

In the video, former Officer Slager approaches Scott’s car. He asks for license and registration. Scott tells him that he is in the process of buying the car from his neighbor and doesn’t have the paperwork in his name. The officer returns to his car.

Later, Scott is seen getting out of the car where he takes off running.

And sadly, we know how the story ends.

Since this is the internet, the land of closeted racists and trolls, I know there will be plenty of people who will somehow assert that Walter should have never run from the officer and perhaps brought his death upon himself. Clearly, he ran because he felt his life was in danger and he turned out to be exactly right.

Either way, the fact that he was shot in the back (!), eight times (!), after he had already been tazed (!) is enough to prove that former Officer Slager acted heinously and irrationally and now a man is dead because of it.

A broken tail light does not warrant death and neither does running away from a police officer.

All I know is that I’m exceedingly glad that Feidin Santana decided to not only record the fatal altercation but  turn it over to the Scott family, rather than the authorities. God only knows what type of story they would have cooked up, in addition to the fake evidence that was tossed next to Scott’s handcuffed, lifeless body, if he hadn’t.

You can watch footage of the traffic stop turned tragic in the video below.

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