Spring Is Coming!: Foot-Saving Fixes For Common Problems

April 8, 2015  |  
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Spring is just around the corner and that can mean bad news for anyone battling these common foot issues. If you’ve already got your eye on a strappy sandal, try these foot-saving fixes now.

Eliminate Blisters

Blisters are the bane of athletes and shoe lovers the world over. The best way to deal with these is to let them be — unless they’re large and painful. Then it’s time to disinfect the area and a sharp needle and help it drain.

Keep Blisters From Coming Back

If blisters are a common problem, rub antiperspirant on the spot on your foot where the blisters form. Sweat is actually the biggest culprit behind blisters and a dab of deodorant will keep the area dry.

Treat Old Blisters

Now that the blisters are gone, what about the marks they leave behind? Rub them with hemorrhoid cream to calm the infected skin down until it has time to heal.

Cracked Heels

Lotion not cutting it? It’s time for a little moisture TLC. Save your next shower for right before bed, slather on a heavy-duty moisturizers you find in the foot care section of the drug store and pull up a pair of long socks.

Repeat until you’ve fixed the damage that the winter air has done to your heels.

Crumbling, Lumpy, Cracked Toenails

Foot fungus. There, I said it. The common foot fungus affects millions of Americans every year. Luckily it’s easy to treat. Simply remove your polish, file your nails down and add an over-the-counter fungicide to your nails and the tools you used to treat them. It will be gone in no time.

Hammer Toes

Unfortunately, a lifetime of squeezing into something super-cute comes with the risk of hammer toes. Catch it early, right when you notice a bend in your toes and you can correct it — if you stop wearing pinching heels altogether. Otherwise surgery is the only cure.

Corns And Calluses

Annoying as they may be, doctors advise against trying to physically remove a corn or callus. Instead, opt for the salicylic acid corn removers you can find in the foot care aisle of your grocery store. Pop them on, forget them and they’ll dissolve the corn or callus in a few days.


Bunions can be managed if caught early too. Regular deep tissue massage and heel-abstinence can straighten out a big toe joint that’s just starting to stick out. Once the problem gets worse, surgery is the best way to treat them.

Rough, Flaky Skin

Spend enough time working on your beach body and athlete’s foot becomes a real possibility. Luckily, peeling, itching feet are easily treated with over-the-counter creams and sprays.

Dark Spots

Lots of foot trouble can leave unsightly dark spots behind. Lightening them requires a one-two punch of daily exfoliation and Vitamin E moisturizers. Follow that with over-the-counter spot remover and the blemishes will soon be gone.

Hairy Toes

OK, this one is easy to fix with a little wax or a depilatory creme. But did you know that a little peach fuzz on your digits is a signal of good health? Hairless toes can be a sign of diabetes, heart or circulation problem.

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