Killer Makeup Brushes? Salon STDs? How To Avoid These Scary Beauty Mishaps

April 8, 2015  |  
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Did you catch these beauty horror stories in the headlines? After reading these stories, free makeup samples, discount manicures, and cheap colored contacts are just a few of the beauty regimens we’ll be avoiding from now on.

Relaxers And Fibroids

When that burning sensation starts, ask for a rinse sooner rather than later. A 2009 study found that chemical burns are linked to fibroid tumors in African American women.

Infections Run Rampant When You Share Makeup

Sharing makeup with a friend sounds harmless — until you’re in a wheelchair.

One woman found out the dangers of sharing makeup brushes the hard way. After swapping blush with a friend, she caught her friend’s undiagnosed staph infection and was told she’d never walk again.

What Is Hair Glue Doing To You?

Hair glue works for temporary hairstyles, but it can also have serious consequences. Irritated skin, asthma attacks and even anaphylactic shock have been linked to hair glue.

How can you stay safe? Always patch test on your skin first. If you notice any irritation it’s time to find a plan “b” for your ‘do.

Colored Contacts That Cause Blindness

Colored contacts that you find online or over the counter are a fun, cheap way to temporarily change your eye color. But according to reports, they can also cause blindness.

How can you stay safe? Always get your lenses from an optometrist. They will make sure you have the proper fit and care advice to prevent injury, infection or vision loss.

The No-Sleep Look Of Eyelash Serum

Recent studies have found that growth serums for eyelashes can give you permanent dark circles around your eyes.

Want to avoid the risk? Glue your lashes on or head to a salon for eyelash extensions.

Scary Skin-Lightening Creams

Often sold as skin lighteners, toners or spot removers, many bleaching creams contain dangerous chemicals. To make matters worse, the key ingredient in a lot of these creams has been linked to cancer.

Deadly Mascara

Most of us don’t swap mascara wands on a regular basis. But did you know that they can be deadly even if you don’t?

Eyelashes carry a lot of bacteria. Keeping a brush too long can lead to irritation, staph infection or even blindness.

How to stay safe? Keep your tubes in a cool, dry place and throw them out after three months when their bacteria fighting properties expire.

Mineral Makeup Can Make Breathing Hard

Mineral makeup can be a great alternative to traditional powder. Unfortunately, the fine mineral particles that give great coverage can also get into your lungs and possibly cause damage.

UTIs Because Your Shapewear Is Too Tight?

Tight clothing was thought to be relatively harmless — until one teenage girl developed a serious case of nerve damage from wearing Spanx.

And irreversible tingling and burning isn’t all you can get from shapewear that’s way too tight. Tight clothing in general has also been linked to heart burn, stomach aches, and urinary tract infections.

An STD From A Manicure?!

I would have said “impossible” too — until this woman claimed that she contracted herpes from infected clippers at a salon. Another woman even claimed to have contracted HIV.

The best way to stay safe? Only patronize nail salons with good Yelp reviews and good hygiene practices. And make sure they take your tools from an autoclave because liquid disinfectants can be watered down or replaced with ineffective substances.

Deadly Pedicures

Need another good reason to be extra careful at nail salons? One woman died after contracting an infection from a pumice stone that cut her foot.

If you see signs of redness after you get a nick, see a doctor immediately.

Gel Manicures

Turns out, not all manicures are created equal for more than one reason. The UV lights used to cure gel manicures have recently been linked to cancer.

Laser Hair Removal Burns

Ingrown hairs have made us all consider laser hair removal at one time or another. But for African-American women, laser hair removal can lead to blisters and lesions.

Before you sign up for sessions, make sure the salon you’re dealing with has experience with hair removal on dark skin.

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