Celebrities Who Cried Broke To Avoid Paying Child Support

April 6, 2015  |  
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Think these stars are worth millions? When the courts came looking for these celebrities who owe child support they said that they live a lot more modestly than people think. Do you believe them?


If you’re going to cry “broke” when the mother of your child wants an increase in child support, it’s not a good look to get caught by the paparazzi celebrating the World Cup in Brazil days before your court hearing.

Fugees star Pras learned that the hard way last year. A judge would later rule that Pras makes around $1 million a year and could likely afford the monthly increase his ex-girlfriend was seeking.

Brendan Fraser

Actor Brendan Fraser must have forgotten that everyone has access to IMDb. When the mother of his three children demanded the $900,000 in annual child support that they had agreed upon, Fraser said he couldn’t pay. He claimed that his money from The Mummy franchise dried up and he’s struggled to find work since doing those movies, leaving him with literally zero dollars in the bank.

But she responded to such claims by saying that anyone with an Internet connection can see that Fraser has been working and doing just fine. She sued him for child support fraud, claiming he hid $9 million in new movie contracts and $24.7 million in assets.

Stevie J

Stevie J’s ex Carol Antoinette Bennett didn’t believe that the famous father of her children was as broke as he claimed to be, so she called everybody in as a witness for their court case.

Mona Scott-Young and Diddy are just a few of the celebs the court called in to testify as to just how much Stevie J made over the years, because he owes more than a million dollars in back child support.

Chad Johnson

Former football star Chad Johnson told a judge a few years back that Andrea Pearson, the mother of his son, doesn’t understand how hard and fast it can all fall down.

It was 2012 when he first agreed to pay her more than $5K a month in child support. Things have changed big time since then. Johnson is no longer playing in the NFL, his endorsements are gone and so is his reality show.

Johnson told the judge that he was unemployed, had no money and no hope of earning as much as he once did, so he couldn’t afford to pay her what she was expecting.

Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin didn’t believe it when her ex-husband and former Jon & Kate Plus 8 co-star said he was too broke to help support his eight kids.

But he responded by saying that if he put all his money towards taking care of his kids, he could wind up homeless:

“What do I do — pay child support or rent? I need to support my kids, but I could lose my house, and I need my home to continue to have custody … I’m doing the best I can, but life is so expensive with eight kids!”

News that Jon was evicted from his home made headlines soon after.

Rich Dollaz

Rich Dollaz’s starring role on Love & Hip Hop: New York made it hard for his child’s mother to believe that he didn’t have the $188,000 in back child support that he owed.

But apparently Rich was telling the truth. When the judge said pay up or go to jail, Rich had to spend a little bit of time behind bars.

Bow Wow

When Bow Wow first said that he was too broke to pay the child support he owed Joie Chavis, the tabloids were reluctant to believe him. That is until TMZ did a little digging and found out that Bow Wow really was broke and living above his means: at least one creditor had been chasing him for three years.

Dennis Rodman

When Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife found out that he had enough money to take trips to North Korea, she stopped believing his story that he was too broke to pay child support. She sued him for the $800K in back support that he owed.

But that’s when the story got all mixed up. Rodman’s lawyer responded to her suit and said that Rodman was in fact broke and “sick (as in, on drugs)” and couldn’t pay up.

But apparently Rodman and his lawyer didn’t work together because the former NBA star showed up on a talk show a few days later to say that he was “neither broke nor sick.”

He didn’t mention whether or not a check would be written out for his ex-wife.


Tamika Fuller called BS on Luda’s claim that he was too broke to pay the $15K in child support that she was asking for. Her lawyer demanded proof of his financial records for the last two years, and he tried to blame a break in shooting for Furious 7 on his lack of funds.

Maybe she was tipped off because she followed Luda’s Instagram page, which certainly makes it look like the rapper made a lot more than just $55,000 in 2013…

Interesting enough, despite all her efforts, Fuller wouldn’t get $15,000 a month, and she even lost custody of their daughter.

Jermaine Jackson

Jackson money should be quite long after all these years, but that’s not what Jermaine Jackson ttold his ex-wife. When she sued him for back child support — claiming that she makes less than $100 a day — Jackson said he had nothing to give her, saying, “I currently do not have any employment and I do not have any income from which to pay support.”
Apparently Jackson was in such dire straits that he had to move back in with his mother, Katherine.

Matthew Knowles

Is Mr. Knowles really struggling financially? That’s what he told the mother of his son, Nixon, when he asked a judge to lower the $12,000 payments he makes monthly in child support. He told the court that while he used to make $3 million a year when he managed his daughter, he now makes just around $127,000 a year.

But when Click2Houston caught him selling some Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child memorabilia, he said that he wasn’t having any financial trouble at all — and even took cameras inside his office to show how well he was doing.

What’s really going on?

De’angelo Holmes

The mother of “D-Roc’s” children is the only one patiently waiting for the next Ying Yang Twins album. De’angelo Holmes — half of the Ying Yang Twins — told his ex that he could no longer afford the $2,500 he was paying per month in child support. D-Roc said that the Ying Yang Twins’ heyday had come and gone, so he was only making $2,500 a month, not the $19,000 he used to make when they initially made their agreement.

Eric Williams

Last year the mother of the former NBA star’s 13-year-old son told a judge that Williams had been dodging her attempts to contact him about the $25,000 he owes in child support.

But Williams said he wasn’t dodging his responsibilities — it’s just that he was so broke that he actually ended up homeless.

Tiki Barber

Remember when Tiki Barber left his pregnant wife for another woman? Well, Ginny Barber wanted a lump sum of $150K in alimony and child support to walk away with. She needed this for the two children they had and the twins she was pregnant with when he bailed on her. The request sounded perfectly reasonable to her lawyers.

But then Ginny said that Tiki added insult to injury by trying to lowball her and claim that he was “too broke” to pay his divorce settlement, despite a lucrative deal as a Today Show correspondent on NBC at the time.

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