RHOA Ep. 20: Kenya And Phaedra Kiss And Make Up After Two Years Of Strife

April 6, 2015  |  
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Pigs are officially getting their breaststroke on in the sky, because something we never thought would happen came to fruition during Sunday’s episode of RHOA: Phaedra and Kenya shed tears, resolved their issues and prayed together. Only miracles like that can happen on resurrection Sunday!

But that’s not the only thing that happened. Let’s talk about all that went down on RHOA Ep. 20.

“I Just Want To Move On”

As the episode begins, Claudia and Cynthia bust up Kenya’s romp in the pool to remind her that they need to get ready for the next part of their trip: the turn up in Manila. Before they get dressed to go, #TeamPretty (minus Demetria) sits down to talk. Claudia commends Kenya for staying positive and handling herself well with Phaedra, who finally agreed to sit down and hash things out. Kenya tells them she’s hoping that they will finally move forward, saying, “I don’t want to feel tension when I walk into a room. I just want to move on.”

Cynthia, shut out by Phae Phae during last episode’s dinner, reminds Kenya that anything is possible:

“If she can forgive NeNe and go as far as to be besties with her, she can do a one-on-one with you.”

“Baby Got Back!”

While most of the ladies continue their bonding trip in the Philippines, NeNe is in New York City. She’s meeting up with designer William Ivey Long to do a costume fitting for her role in Cinderella. The dresses are heavy, and a tight squeeze, but NeNe manages to make it work. The looks even get a big thumbs up from Gregg, who is loving all the booty the gowns bring out of his lady. NeNe is both excited about her role and nervous at the same time, but one thing she isn’t feeling is fear. She says that she has to do a great job for her fans, and for her haters too!

Mini Horses And Lopsided Butts

Now in Manila, the ladies have a twerk battle (which, according to Kandi, was a tie between Porsha and Demetria) and eventually settle in to prepare for a trek to a nearby volcano. As they hop on mini horses for the ride, it’s refreshing to see Phaedra be so positive. Even as Kandi makes jokes about Kenya having a lopsided booty, and Cynthia struggles with her mini horse, Porsha doesn’t engage in the mean jokes and even encourages Cynthia. Thumbs up for maturity!

“My Dreams Have Truly Come True”

Back in New York, NeNe is still in her fitting with Mr. Long, and finds herself full of emotions. Long encourages her as she deals with her nerves, saying, “Know that you’re going to take that stage and own that stage.” Thinking about everything she’s been through to make it to The Great White Way brings NeNe to tears.

“I’ve just come so far and I’ve gone through so much. My dreams have truly come true.”

Phaedra Makes Connections, Seeks Spiritual Guidance To Deal With Kenya

Back in Manila, the ladies make it to the top of the volcano and even hit golf balls into the crater lake. This excursion was a great way for the women to bond, but they weren’t the only ones connecting. Phaedra and her guide bonded over the fact that they have lost their husbands: the guide’s husband died and Phaedra lost her husband to prison. Knowing that the guide was left with five children to try and provide for alone, Phaedra hands her a wad of cash to help the woman take care of her kids, saying, “Tell her it’s from my heart.”

Later on, as most of the women are preparing for a pajama party, Phaedra is preparing to make peace–with the help of her good friend Apostle Thaddeus.

Knowing that Kenya wants to talk to her, Phaedra calls him to find a way to maintain her character and resolve their issues. Apostle Thaddeus tells her that she should let Kenya know that she doesn’t hold anything in her heart against her, and he also reminds Phaedra not to engage in any fussing and fighting.

Phaedra Admits That She Treated Kenya Harshly–Out Of Anger

As the ladies — dressed up in some very unique forms of sleepwear — come together for their pajama party, Kenya and Phaedra come together to talk. Kenya gives her the floor, and during that time, Phaedra lets her know that she was hurt and angry when she was out here calling her Whore Moore. But considering that they originally started their journey together on the road to friendship, Phaedra says she’s ready to move forward…

“You Were Trying To Destroy Me”

But Kenya doesn’t necessarily believe what Phaedra’s saying. She tells Phaedra that her behavior doesn’t show that she’s ready to move forward. Kenya also tells her that she “didn’t even treat me like a human being” during their previous spats and claims that Phaedra tried to destroy her character based on Apollo’s lies.

Phaedra tells her that she had to stand by her husband, no matter what, but she does apologize for the harsh things she said about Kenya. For the record, she hasn’t referred to Kenya as a whore since 2015 started. Okay, so she called her satan, but not a whore or a slut. Give this woman a cookie!

Phaedra And Kenya Have A Kumbaya Moment

Eventually, they agree to work on their issues and end up praying together. After having their Kumbaya moment, Phaedra and Kenya meet back up with the rest of the ladies at the pajama party, and everyone rejoices at the peace treaty Kenya and Phaedra have made. No one celebrates more than Kandi, who says, “Thank the Lord!  Nobody got dragged today.”

The Ladies Savor Their Last Moments Of Peace Before Heading Back To Atlanta–And To NeNe

It’s the ladies’ last day in the Philippines, and they decide to join up for breakfast. The women are happy to know that they’ve made it through their first positive and peaceful girls’ trip, and Kenya and Phaedra even end up sitting right next to one another during breakfast. But the tone of the breakfast quickly switches as Claudia brings up NeNe. She asks if anyone has spoken to Ms. I’m Rich B***h and Porsha says that she has. She claims that NeNe wishes them well, and if she had come to the Phillippines, she would have fallen in line and tried to make peace.

Everyone laughs at such a thought.

Perfectly put by Kandi, had NeNe been there, what really would have occurred was Phaedra and Porsha following her around, nothing being resolved, and a great deal of negativity–as usual.


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