Surprising Reasons Why You Lose Friends When You’re In A Relationship

April 2, 2015  |  
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You probably don’t choose the men you date with your friends in mind, but you assume that your friends will love whomever you date– or at least pretend to. But that’s not always the case. Here are surprising reasons why you might lose friends when you find yourself in a new relationship.

He has too much money…

In your head you’re thinking, “Woohoo! My friends will love that he can buy us bottle service at the club and pick up our drink tabs.”

But they feel intimidated

Your friends may think that he believes that he’s “above” the hole in the wall bars where you guys usually hang out, or that he is judging their cheap silverware when they invite you and your man over for dinner.

He is too broke

You’d like to believe that your friends wouldn’t be so superficial as to care about whether or not the guy you date has money. All that matters is that he makes you happy, right?

They’re worried about offending him

They don’t necessarily care that he can’t pay for stuff, but they feel guilty buying drink after drink when he can’t afford to go crazy at the bar. Honestly, they feel bad asking you guys to do anything that requires money.

He doesn’t drink

You’re proud that you’re dating someone who doesn’t drink. You think that shows great maturity on his part. You expect your friends to even be a little jealous that a man fell for you without being under the influence of alcohol (they’re struggling to find that for themselves.)

They think he’s a party pooper

Your friends may feel weird drinking around your partner. If drinks are always involved in the way they socialize, they won’t want to invite you two along. They may feel like they can’t even talk about alcohol around your man, and that he judges them.


He is gorgeous

Your real friends will be psyched for you. The man of your dreams also happens to look like he walked out of an H&M catalog. Score!

It could make them jealous

After ogling at your man, your friends may feel like their own partners are subpar.

He likes a “simple” life

Your guy isn’t wowed by VIP service at nightclubs or expensive wine tastings. He just likes to relax, be outdoors, and talk to his friends. You appreciate that. Will your friends?

They feel superficial

If your friends are used to always chasing the next hottest trend, always getting on the list to the biggest clubs, always talking about celebrity gossip, and always going to concerts, your man’s simple tastes could throw them off guard. Nobody likes being around people who make them second-guess their own lifestyle.

He is a foreigner

You’re so excited to have snagged a cutie with an accent. Your friends have always said that they think British men and Nigerian fellas are dreamy. You assume they’ll be excited just to listen to your guy talk for hours.

They get tired of explaining things

Your friends may lose patience when it comes to constantly explaining things to your guy, or constantly trying to understand what he’s trying to explain. Or maybe he doesn’t understand the way you and your friends do things to the point where they find themselves over it and over him. 

He is too quiet

Why does it matter if your man is a little quiet? He is kind and confident–he just doesn’t need to be the life of the party. But when spoken to, he is funny, smart and engaging.

He bores/exhausts your friends

Your friends wanted to get to know your man in the beginning, but getting to know your quiet man feels like a lot of work. They feel like they do all the work to cultivate that friendship and they don’t want to anymore.

He is just a bad boyfriend

Your boyfriend isn’t the partner you were hoping for, and you assume that your friends will be there to support you through this tumultuous relationship.

Friends judge your decisions

Like it or not, your friends judge you based on the people you date. If you date a guy who is no good for you, they may think you’re weak. They may also feel frustrated with constantly trying to encourage you to leave him.

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