Fear Of Cooking?! Phobias You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

April 2, 2015  |  
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At this point, anything you can think of is a phobia. From the fear of pooping to the fear of sitting down (Oh hell no! I’ve got bad knees.), there are some very interesting phobias out there that we didn’t know about. They’re so interesting that we thought we’d share them with you.

Note: But just so you know, most phobias are caused by a bad experience a person had earlier in life with whatever freaks them out. Hey, the more you know.


The fear that your breath is kicking like Jet Li.

While this is probably a very stressful fear, I’m pretty sure that anybody who has this phobia has the cleanest mouth ever. Better to be fearful of bad breath than to be oblivious of your own.


An irrational fear of large banquet and dinner conversations.

Anyone with this phobia does not want to be invited to brunch or any big dinner parties because they’ll probably spend the entire time frozen with a look of horror on their face.



The fear of wind or a draft.

People with this phobia freak out when they’re exposed to wind, but the good news is that this phobia can be treated with medication and treatment. Thank goodness, because I hate to break it those suffering from this, but uh, wind? It’s everywhere.



Far from vain, those with spectrophobia have a morbid fear of mirrors.


Don’t come near someone with genuphobia in a pair of shorts because they have a fear of knees–the fear of their own knees and the knees of others.


When people with chorophobia say they don’t dance, they’re not kidding. They have a major fear of breaking it all the way down on the dance floor. Soul Train lines be damned!


Not going to lie, I just might have this. Ephebiphobia is the fear of young people. Hey, if you saw how these kids act on the train after they get out of school you would feel the same way.


Not sure how anyone with optophobia can keep their eyes shut for very long, but I’m guessing sleep is their favorite part of the day. Optophobia is the fear of opening one’s eyes.


Those with geliophobia live by the phrase, “ain’t sh*t funny.” This phobia is the fear of laughter.


I think I know quite a few people with this particular phobia. Mageirocophobia is the fear of cooking. They can be scared of serving bad food, scared of serving food that will make people sick, scared their food won’t look right or scared of the whole cooking process in general.

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