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In the real world when engagements don’t end in a marriage, it’s something like a scandal. A big one. Speeches have to be made, explanations have to be given and everything else. But in the world of celebrity, particularly reality stars, engagements rarely end in marriages. Did you notice? Check out the couples who just couldn’t seem to make it down the aisle. 

Joseline and Stevie

These days, when celebrities are always flapping their lying lips, you have to come through with the receipts. And despite being plastered on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly, Stevie and Joseline were never able to do that when it came to their nuptials. Despite her desire for attention, we never saw homegirl in a dress, no one’s been able to find their marriage certificate (not even Joseline herself) and the nail in the coffin is the fact that Stevie and Joseline can’t seem to remember their wedding date. Lies and deceit.

Althea and Benzino

Though it seemed like Althea and Benzino only dated for a short period of time, it wasn’t long before the two of them were having some pretty intense conversations about the nature and trajectory of their relationship. And before the season was over, Benzino was down on one knee. Though he popped the question and Althea said yes, the two have yet to tie the knot. What she did do though was pose next to him in a wedding dress for her video “Ghetto Love.” They still seem to be quite happy with each other though, so maybe they’re still in the planning stages…

You can check out the proposal in the video below.


Rashidah Ali and ???

Rashidah Ali never divulged the name of her fiancé. If she did, I certainly missed it. And it’s a good thing she didn’t because, to this day we haven’t seen or heard anything else about the dude. It’s great that she kept the dissolution of her relationship on the low; but it’s also unfortunate that she let us in to so much of the planning process. These days, if you check out Rashidah’s social media pages, you’ll notice she no longer wears a ring.

Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas

Break up to make up, that’s all these two do. After more than a decade and five children together, Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan couldn’t seem to make it work. But they never bow out quietly. We end up knowing all the dirty details, like the fact that Gilbert took the ring from Laura Now he claims  it was a fake. Sigh. So messy.

Yandy and Mendeecees

Yandy and Mendeecees have been through a hell of a lot together. A whole lot. From Mendeecees’ sordid past, to supporting him while he was in prison, to dealing with too-clingy assistants, and ghosts of baby-mamas past, the couple seem to have weathered the storm. And Mendeecees wanted to make it official by proposing to Yandy. Naturally, since she loves the man, she accepted. But when it comes to the actual ceremony, the two are sitting at a stop sign. Mendeecees doesn’t seem to be the problem though. He was going to marry her in Vegas; but Yandy, who always dreamed of a large, extravagant wedding, couldn’t go through with it. She wanted her family and friends to witness the moment.

Chrissy and Jim

You know what they say, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. So that’s what Chrissy did when it came to proposing to Jim, or Jimmy, as she affectionately calls him. And though he accepted, years ago, there has been no word about the couple making it down the aisle. Quite sad. But they’re still together, so…

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan 

These two were pretty cute together. Dating since 2007, both came from previous marriages that produced children and ended in divorce. And in addition to those life experiences, they also, according to Nicole, shared similar interests, like traveling and laughing. And after dating for two years, the two got engaged. Nicole wore that engagement ring for five years before the couple decided to call it quits. They cited distance and a work schedule as the reason they couldn’t make it work. But they ended things very amicably.

The Game and Tiffney Cambridge

When you and the man you’ve been with for years, the man who has fathered your children star on a show called “Marrying The Game,” one might assume that there will be a wedding. But not so. Tiffney and The Game could never seem to get it together. Tiffney’s biggest gripe was that The Game was too immature. And The Game…well, I don’t know why he was mad. Perhaps he was just too immature to take that final step.

Erica and Scrappy

Of all the couples on this list, I was really rooting for Scrappy and Erica. At the end of the day, after all of the cheating, family drama and petty arguments, it was clear that Erica and Scrappy clearly loved (and probably still love) each other. So I was really hoping they could put the past behind them and make that move. But nawl. The engagement was not a way for them to address their myriad of problems. So when they came back up again, Erica was out. But still, despite the breakup and the fact that Scrappy had moved on to other women–or the women he’d never stopped sleeping with–Erica was still happy to let him taste it every once in a while.

Benzino and Karlie Redd

This one wasn’t exactly an official engagement…but it was just too hilarious not to include in this here list. After having a season-long, yet very volatile relationship, Benzino decided he was going to pop the question and make Karlie his forever woman.

But, in the middle of the proposal, after he’d opened the ring box and everything, he decided that the whole situation wasn’t right. And he snapped the box in Karlie’s face, telling her that because she didn’t trust him, their relationship wouldn’t work. I mean, of course he was right. But he didn’t have to do Karlie like that. And since he played the hell out of her, she was pissed. You can relive the proposal and the aftermath in the video below. Good times.

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