What’s Stopping Your Productivity?

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Have you ever sat down to get to work and then just… stopped?  Had a deadline looming, but just couldn’t figure out why you couldn’t buckle down?

There are times in life when we know we have things to do, and for some reason we just won’t do them, and it stops us from progressing, our productivity and our success.  Sometimes we can pinpoint why, and other times we can’t.  Here’s a list of a few things that could be stopping your productivity.  If you can fix these issues, success could be attainable.

Fear of Failure

Sometimes we freeze because we want to succeed so bad that if failure is an option we don’t know how to handle it.  Instead of seeing failure (or the potential of failure) as the end of your road, see it as a detour.  See it as a guide that proved to you that the road you were going on was closed, but there are alternate routes that you can travel that could be better.

Once you take the negative stigma out of failure, production can come easier.

Fear of Success

Though you might be unhappy in your current situation, you might find a sense of comfort there.  Because once you succeed you’re being thrust into new territory, have new responsibilities, and you have to be more accountable.  So you stay in your current situation because it’s what you’re sure of.

Instead of seeing success as a means of new pressure, see it as proof that you were up to the challenge.  Prove to yourself that if you succeeded before, you can certainly do it again.


Sometimes when you see other people excelling before you, it can cause you want to stop working all together.  However, try not to compare yourself to other people.  Instead of seeing it as everyone is excelling, focus on your path, your goals, your race.  The moment you stop looking to see where other people are, you’ll be amazed to see how much further and faster you can propel yourself.


Let’s be honest, sometimes we’re just lazy.  We know what the task is, know the amount of work that it will take to get it done and just don’t feel like doing it.

However, the more time you spend avoiding the task, the more daunting it will seem.  Just get it done, and to the best of your ability.  Not only will you get to relax sooner, but you can actually enjoy it without worrying about the task you’re avoiding.


Having that dread hanging over you is enough to stop many people in their tracks.  The feeling of anxiousness, wanting to move, but too in your head about which direction to go, if it’s the correct direction, and if it’s the right time, can stop anyone.

If you can’t handle your anxiety, talk to a professional.  The worst thing you can do is allow your anxiety to build and fester in other areas of your life.

Living In the Future

A lot of the times we want to make our next move our best move; but if you find that you’re too preoccupied with where the move is going to lead you, it can hamper your current success.

Remember that you can’t enjoy future success without doing the work for today.

Living In The Past

They say that those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.  Along those same lines, those who dwell in their past won’t enjoy a prosperous future.

If you’re spending too much time focusing on past failures, you won’t be able to have future success.  Take the lessons from your past and learn from them, don’t dwell.


Depression can be a hard thing to counteract.  Some forms of depression make you feel hopeless and can make you wonder:  “Why bother?”  During these times, seeking a professional can help you to gain the tools to get over the dark hump of hopelessness, and back in the throws of productivity.

Too Much Pressure

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed that it might have the opposite reaction we were expecting.  Sometimes all that pressure makes us hyper aware of our own shortcomings, and that might cause us to shut down completely (or burnout).

Instead, try to allow yourself enough grace to not get down on yourself if you miss your intended mark.  That grace will allow you to move forward, instead of being frozen in the present.

Too High Expectations

Sometimes we might want to hit a mark that might be too high for ourselves.  Sometimes we see ourselves as superhuman, and ignore all of the fallacies that comes with being mortal.

It’s good to have a level of standards that you want to meet, but if that level is too high, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  The problem is, you already know this, and so it stops you from wanting to go after your goal.

Focus on progress, not perfection, and that’ll help you move closer to your goals.

Too Distracted

If you feel like you want to work, but your mind is running a million thoughts per minute, it could stop you from wanting to work.

There are ways to quiet your thoughts, a good way to do this is with meditation.  Meditating allows you to gain a sense of peace from within, and will allow you to become more productive.

Time Management

The deadline is looming, but it seems like your list of demands is growing longer.  If you’re too focused on the clock you can stop your own progress through stress.

Instead of seeing the clock as something that is showing how little time you have left, use it as a tool to properly manage your time better.

Mind Too Jumbled

Sometimes it seems as though we have too many things on our plate, and it makes for mental fatigue (which leads to physical fatigue).  A good way to declutter your mind is to write a to do list.

Sometimes we find that we might not have as much to do as we thought.  Writing out your list of tasks allows you to visually see what you need to do, and helps you to put things into perspective so you can tackle things effectively.

Not Trusting Yourself

One of the main things that stops productivity is because we don’t trust our own abilities.  We might feel like frauds, as if we’re not as great as everyone thinks we are and we’re going to be found out soon.

However, this is the time to embrace your greatness.  This is the time to discover the power that you have, that you’ve been second guessing.  Don’t continue to live a life that silences your own abilities by stopping yourself.  Even if you have to fake it ’til you make it; as you see each success grow with your continued progress, you’ll learn that you were capable all along.  All you had to do was to start being productive.





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