RHOA Ep. 19: The Ladies Do The Philippines And Claudia Does Her Best Iyanla Vanzant Impression

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On Sunday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies (minus NeNe) took a long arse flight to the Philippines to kick back, relax, and finally handle their issues. By the end of the episode, Porsha was bickering with Claudia again, Cynthia was seeking to make amends with Phaedra, and the Southern belle and Kenya finally decided to sit down and work on their problems. Are pigs flying or nah?

Let’s chat about all that went down on RHOA ep. 19.

The Women Prepare To Hit The Unfriendly Skies

As the episode begins, the ladies pull up at the airport, faces beat to perfection, trying their best to get along since they’ll have to travel for more than 20 hours together. Oooh child! My knees hurt at the thought.

After therapy with Dr. Jeff, the ladies seem to be friendly enough with one another as they arrive–the only exception being Ms. Phaedra Parks. As she pulls up curbside, she tells Porsha that she would like to stay in her car until time for check-in because she doesn’t want to be anywhere near Cynthia after the Mr. Chocolate shenanigans. Porsha encourages her to actually try and mix and mingle with the ladies, which Phaedra reluctantly ends up doing.

NeNe Ditches The Philippines For New York City

The only person who didn’t show up for the free trip to the Philippines was NeNe. But before you assume that she did it to be shady, know that it was due to a medical issue. According to Phaedra, who shared the “bad news” with the ladies, NeNe’s blood clot issues keep her from traveling for so many hours on a plane. Despite that explanation, a few of the ladies (Kandi and Kenya included) feel that NeNe was just looking for an excuse not to come.

She may not have traveled with them to the Philippines, but NeNe packed up and headed to New York so that she could prepare for her run on Broadway in Cinderella. It’s safe to say that she’s not sad about missing the girls trip. Instead, she practices her lines (she tried to throw a “child” and “honey” in the script to no avail) and collects those coins. She eventually squeals with joy when she sees her name in the marquee for the show. NeNe is big time now!

The Ladies Talk Enemas And “Cancer” As They Settle In The Philippines

As the ladies land in the Philippines and check out their fabulous lodging, Claudia tries to extend something of an olive branch to Phaedra (even though they haven’t really had beef…just drama by association). She offers her the second largest suite in the place, which Phaedra happily accepts. As they settle in, Phaedra and Porsha talk about who they will and won’t mess with during the trip (Cynthia gets no love from Phae Phae), and the possibility of getting a colonic cleansing through coffee enemas (yikes!).

As for #TeamPretty, Claudia, Demetria, Kenya and Cynthia all discuss how happy they are about NeNe not taking part in the girls trip. According to Claudia and Kenya, NeNe is “the cancer” of the group, and now that she’s been “cut out,” they can all hopefully move forward in positivity.

Claudia and Phaedra Talk Divorce And Vulnerability Over A Salad

In another attempt to get closer to Phaedra and understand her, Claudia invites her to breakfast (or maybe it was lunch?) to have girl talk. Claudia really puts herself out there during this dining experience, telling Phaedra that she can relate to her struggles with ending a marriage, as Claudia had to annul a marriage. She encourages Phaedra, telling Phae Phae about feeling suicidal at one point, and sharing with her that there’s nothing wrong with showing vulnerability.

Phaedra is appreciative of Claudia’s support, but lets her know that she won’t be breaking down all the ins and outs of her marriage to Apollo (she’s “private” okay?!). Her focus is on her kids now.

Phaedra And Kandi Do Coconut Pedicures, Debate Who Has Been The Worse Friend

Just when we thought that Kandi and Phaedra had already made peace, they come together for coconut milk pedicures to try and hash things out again. Kandi is still feeling some type of way about about Phaedra talking about their issues behind her back, and Phaedra still feels “abandoned” and “left out in the cold” by her friend. After talking about who did and didn’t place call phones and reach out to the other person, Phaedra decides that their friendship is big enough to move past this hump.

But what else can Phaedra move past?

If Phaedra Can Forgive NeNe, Why Can’t She Forgive Kenya?

Somehow the conversation turns to NeNe and Kenya. Kandi reminds Phaedra of the less than nice things NeNe has said about her (and Apollo) in the past, and claims that if Phaedra can forgive Ms. “I’m Very Rich,” it should be a piece of cake to forgive Kenya. Phaedra gives a side-eye to that opinion. She doesn’t seem open to letting bygones be bygones with a woman who openly flirted with her estranged husband.

The Ladies Do Yoga–And Kandi Falls Asleep

This scene wasn’t all that deep, but man, it was hilarious! So the ladies put on their tightest tights, grab their Yoga mats and take part in…well, duh, Yoga. Kandi struggles with the moves while the rest of the ladies get their downward dog and child’s pose on. When the ladies lay flat on their backs to prepare for a move, Kandi falls asleep. Not only does she fall asleep, but she snores loudly. Yikes! It’s safe to say that Yoga is NOT her thing…

Claudia And Phaedra Bond, But Cynthia Feels Left Out

As the women prepare for dinner, Claudia tells Demetria and Cynthia that she really feels like she had a breakthrough of sorts with Phaedra during their…well, let’s just call it brunch. She tells them that Phaedra even had an emotional moment, tearing up while talking to her about how Apollo’s decisions have affected their sons. While this is nice to know, Cynthia is wondering why Phaedra was able to open up to Claudia after knowing her for “five minutes” when Phaedra has known her “five years” and has never been vulnerable with her.

Um…probably because Cynthia can’t hold water.

But anywho, Cynthia takes this different side of Phaedra as a sign that she may be able to patch things up with the Southern belle.

Claudia Tries To Do Her Best Iyanla Impression

Dressed to the nines for dinner, the ladies sit down for a meat-free, liquored-up meal. Only a few minutes into dinner, Claudia continues to try and play peacemaker/therapist to the ladies. She sets the stage for Cynthia to speak her peace, apologizing to Phaedra for the way she handled the Mr. Chocolate rumors. But after doing all that, Porsha and Kandi end up laughing (they were giggling at Claudia doing the most). That causes Claudia to tell them, in layman’s terms, ain’t sh*t funny. Feeling some type of way about basically being told to hush as an adult, Porsha disrupts a Kumbaya moment to give Claudia a piece of her mind. From there, Kenya jumps in, Porsha lashes out at her, and Claudia eventually has to break a glass to get folks to shut the hell up.

Kenya And Phaedra Decide To Sit Down And Talk Things Out

When the attention is finally put back on Cynthia and Phaedra, everyone is waiting to see if they will make peace. Unfortunately, Phaedra sips her soup and makes it known that she doesn’t want anything to do with Cynthia (“next course please”). Kenya actually feels some type of way about this because she thinks that Phaedra is doing Cynthia the same way Phaedra used to do her–disengaging when people are trying to genuinely apologize.

Phaedra lets Kenya know that she disengaged from a conversation with her in the past because, despite Apollo saying that he lied on her, Phaedra can’t ignore the things she’s witnessed with her own two eyes between Apollo and Kenya. When Claudia tries to jump in to see if there is anything that can be said to bring these two together, Kenya shows maturity, saying that she would like to talk to Phaedra in private, not in front of the other women with their opinions being thrown into the mix. Surprisingly, Phaedra says she “would like” to have such a conversation with her nemesis. Could forgiveness and friendship be on the way?

Of course not.

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