“Is It Cheating If…” Times You May Have Cheated And Didn’t Know It

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If you’re trying to figure out if what you’re doing is cheating, here’s a good rule of thumb: If you feel bad about it, stop it. But sometimes, the line is not so clear. Here are eight times you may have been cheating and didn’t know it.

Letting Flirty Messages Go Unchecked

A guy sends you a flirty, steamy message online or through your text messages. You never invite them, or even directly respond to them, but you haven’t told him to stop.

Why It’s Cheating: It’s Your Job To Stop It

You might say, “I didn’t ask him to say those things!” or “I never responded in an inappropriate way!” but you also didn’t ask him to cut it out. If the tables were turned and you were sending someone messages like that and they didn’t ask you to stop, you’d think they were into you. Oh, and that person’s significant other wouldn’t be thrilled either.

Leading Someone On For A Job

A guy with the connections you need wants to work with you. You know he can help your career, but you also know he is only being so generous because he thinks he might get a date…or laid.

Why It’s Cheating: That’s Not Cool To Do To Your Partner

You know you’re never going to sleep with or date this professional contact. However, your partner knows that this man is letting his fantasies about you go unchecked because you’re letting that happen. Your man knows that another man believes he has a legitimate shot with you, and that’s not a good look.

When He Thinks It’s A Date

You meet a guy you love to talk to and you want to have him in your friend circle. He asks you to hang out; and while it’s not a date to you, you know he thinks it’s a date.

Why It’s Cheating: If It’s A Date To One Person…

If you let someone believe you’re going on a date with them, then I’ve got news for you: you’re going on a date. Shut any romantic feelings or aspirations down.

Why It’s Cheating: Letting People Think You’re Together

Coworkers or people at a party believe that you are with a guy that you’re not actually dating. They see you getting along, they make comments hinting that they think you’re together, but you don’t correct them. You like people thinking you’re with this new guy: It makes you feel proud and wanted.

Why It’s Cheating: Illusion Is As Good As Reality

How do you think your partner will feel when he hears that dozens of people are convinced you’re with somebody else? He will feel like you must have been acting inappropriately and that you’re not proud to be with him.

Saying “If I Were Single” To Other Guys 

You tell someone that you would date him/sleep with him/marry him if you were single. You’re not dating him/sleeping with him/marrying him though, because you’re not single.

Why It’s Cheating: Why Aren’t You Single Then?

If you’re talking about what you would do if you were single, then you should just be single. When you’re with the right person, you don’t fantasize about being single.

Sharing Your Secrets With Somebody Else

You share intimate secrets with a guy—secrets you don’t even share with your partner. It’s just talking, right?

Why It’s Cheating: Emotions Are Stronger Than Anything

I’m not saying that letting another man into your mind is as bad as letting him into your pants, but it’s enough to devastate your partner.

Kissing Someone Of The Same Sex

You get drunk and kiss another woman at a bar one night. You think, “Hey, I’m a straight woman. It doesn’t count. It was just fun!”

Why It’s Cheating: Everybody Has Different Rules

To your partner, kissing another person might just be kissing another person, and that’s cheating–no matter whom it’s with.






Not Saying You’re Taken

A coworker of yours flirts with you all of the time. You’ve never told him you’re taken, however, you’ve never said that you’re single either.

Why It’s Cheating: You’re inviting This flirtation

Your coworker has made his intentions clear. Now it’s your job to tell him that your intentions are not the same as his. If you’re not telling him that, then maybe your intentions are the same.

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