Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here: The First Thing Celebrities Bought When They Made It Big

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From a house for mom to building up their credit, check out the first thing these celebrities bought and did when they made it big. What would you do?

Pusha T

Pusha T said he made his first big purchase right before he made it big in the music industry: “I bought my mom’s Jaguar in 2001. I ain’t had no hits. Zero.”

What did Pusha’s mom think about his generous gesture? Pusha says, “You know what’s so funny? She has absolutely no miles on it. It didn’t go anywhere. They towed it the other day and she really needs to start driving her car. I guess she can get rid of it. I don’t know. I’ll find something to do with it.”

Maybe she’s a Mercedes girl?

Wiz Khalifa

What’s the first thing Wiz Khalifa did with his new money? Build his credit.

Remember the 2011 Dodge Challenger from his “Black and Yellow” video? Wiz says he loved his first purchase so much that he put it in his music video. But it wasn’t really a splurge.

Wiz says, “I think it was $40,000. I didn’t buy it straight out because I wanted to build my credit up. I’ve got a couple cars that I bought straight out, but I didn’t buy this one straight out. I’m actually still making payments on it even though I could buy it. It’s good to have bills. Keeps your credit looking good.”

This one is smarter than you think!

Kendra Wilkinson

What did the former Playmate buy with her first big check? Breast implants — and a new house in San Diego.

Tristan Wilds

After Tristan Wilds landed his role on The Wire, he bought his mother a house. Tristan would go on to say that after growing up in the Stapleton housing projects in Staten Island, he knew he had to get his mom out of there.

Gabrielle Union

Not everyone splurges on their first “I made it” purchase. Gabrielle Union said hers was a Mazda Miata.

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons found out that he wasn’t that much different from his The Big Bang Theory character, Sheldon, when he got his first check for his work on the show: he bought a shiny new laptop.

Jessica Chastain

Take Shelter star Jessica Chastain says her first “big” purchase was “a custom couch for my apartment in L.A. I actually don’t spend a lot of money on things. I still drive my 2006 Prius!”

Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Soul says that when her career took off she had her eye on fashion for her first big purchase: “It was a mink stole and a chinchilla jacket when I was 17 or 18 years old. I finally had the finances to afford one so I bought one of each.”

Robert Townsend

Actor and director Robert Townsend bought himself a new view with his first purchase. As he told JET magazine:

“After Hollywood Shuffle was released in 1987, I purchased my first house in Hollywood Hills. It was a three-bedroom house with a view of the city. At night, it looked like the view from a plane.

I grew up in the projects in Chicago, and the only thing I ever wanted was a view to see beyond the other tenements. So that’s why that house was very special to me, because it gave me a new view of life.”

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg recently confessed that he got a little too excited when he got his first paycheck: “I spent it all on the Mercedes Benz — and didn’t have money for registration, insurance or gas.”

Chris Rock

Chris Rock said that he almost blew all his money on a little red Corvette:

“It was a red Corvette and cost $45,000. I only made $90,000 that year, hadn’t paid taxes yet and with getting the car insurance and everything, it sort of put me in the hole.”

LL Cool J

LL was just a teenager when he received his first big advance check for $50,000. “I had never seen that many zeroes before. I bought my moms a Mercury Cougar. I got myself some gold chain. And, of course, plenty of Kangols.”

But of course!

Big Sean

Big Sean’s first big purchase was a Rolex. It wasn’t a Rolex for his wrist though. He told Complex:

“I still don’t think I’m rich, but when I started getting a little bit more money, I bought a ring. A Rolex ring. It was all gold. Kind of like something you’d see on 2Pac back in the day. I had it recreated, and then made it a little bit bigger and put diamonds in it. It was my favorite.”

Where is his $15,000 purchase now?

“I gave it to Justin Bieber, man…A lot of people may got s**t to say about Justin Bieber, this-and-that, or whatever. He was broke as hell. His family was broke as hell. He couldn’t get a deal, got his one shot, started taking over, and made something out of nothing.”

Kirk Franklin

When Kirk Franklin’s career took off, he said that the first thing he did was give back. According to him, he made sure to “pay all of my bills and do things for other people, which has always been very important to me.”

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