Thoughts On “The Donald” & the Obama Birther Debate

April 28, 2011  |  


The other day, I was browsing the stream of morning news, when I came upon this week’s new headline story: “White House Releases President Obama’s Birth Certificate.” And though I was a bit disappointed that the media decided to take a break from its relentless blow by blow coverage of the impending nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton, I must admit that was a bit relieved to see this whole birth certificate issue now come to an end. Grant it, the entire issue of Obama’s place of birth has made for great politics and great T.V., but sadly, it also has highlighted that idiocy and racism are alive and well in this great country of ours.

And if you doubt that, let me direct your attention to Mr. Donald Trump. In case you’re not paying attention, Mr. Trump is, right before our eyes, transforming himself into quite the potential presidential candidate. And that shouldn’t be too shocking. Heck, we’ve got Snooki out earning Toni Morrison for university speaking engagements. And as much as I do find Mr. Trump’s entrance into the political arena a bit amusing, I also unfortunately feel that his gradual rise to becoming an actual presidential candidate speaks volumes about many Americans.

Since Obama’s election, I have listened to many Americans spew the most ignorant tirades because they cannot, for the life of them, wrap their brains around the fact that a black man in this country was able to secure the highest position of power- the presidency. And if you really think this whole birth certificate fiasco doesn’t boil down to race, just ask yourselves whether our former president, a man with one of the worst presidential ratings in history, would have been able to carry out two full terms if his skin had just as much melanin as President Obama’s. The whole birth certificate issue just takes me back to a very poignant quote by Chris Rock: When you’re white, the sky’s the limit. When you’re black, the limit’s the sky.

And in this country, trust, there are many people that want to make sure that “limit” for blacks is not breached. Mr. Trump is well aware of this racial climate- which is why I think he’s decided to throw his hat into the political ring. Now let me say that I do not believe Trump is a racist. Oh no. He is a capitalist, and an arrogant one at that. And at his level of wealth, the only color he truly cares about is green. Mr. Trump, above everything else, is a shrewd business man that knows the extent of issues like idiocy and racism in this country. And from what I’ve observed, his goal is exploit these issues and ride that puppy all the way to the White House.

But honestly, we shouldn’t completely hate on Mr. Trump’s hustle. If anything, we should all be somewhat happy that he was, in many ways, the catalyst needed to put this entire birth certificate issue to rest. And Mr. Trump also seems quite happy with himself- telling the press that he feels “really honored” to have played such a pivotal role in getting President Obama to turn over his birth certificate. Mr. Trump does think highly of himself, I must say.

And even with all his newfound “political muscle,” hopefully there isn’t anything else that we need from Mr. Trump to make us feel more secure about the legitimacy of our current president. But since Mr. Trump is in the business of clearing up all the “important issues,” I do have one more request of him. He was able to get our president to turn over his oh-so elusive birth certificate. So now I’d like Mr. Trump to please direct us to his oh-so elusive hairline.

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