RHOA Ep. 18: NeNe Vs. Dr. Jeff, And Phaedra Finally Explains Why She Married A Man Who Went To Prison For 5 Years

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Okay, so RHOA Ep. 18 was a little boring this time around. It’s okay. It happens. But despite the snooze-worthy moments, there’s always something to talk about when it comes to these ladies. So let’s chat about all that went down from Sunday night’s episode.

NeNe Tells Dr. Jeff, “IDFWU”

Picking up where we left off from last week’s episode, NeNe is storming out of her therapy session with Dr. Jeff Gardere and the rest of the ladies. She feels attacked by the women, who all point her out as the nucleus of the nonsense that holds them back. But NeNe has never been one to easily own up to her stuff, and she isn’t about to start today. So Dr. Jeff tries to bring her back, telling her that she can’t run away while they’re making progress. “We can’t work it out without you.” But NeNe calmly checks Dr. Jeff and says that he picked sides against her: “You need to be worried about your license while you’re up here doing this bullsh*t.” She continued on in her confessional saying, “A good counselor would not allow everyone to just drop their garbage on one person.”

Her car pulls up, and after telling Dr. Jeff to keep his hands off of her, she jumps in and says that if the ladies think she’s a problem, she’ll gladly leave their presence.

The Ladies Try To Continue Therapy Without NeNe

As NeNe exits stage left, Cynthia, Kandi, Claudia, Kenya and Porsha stay in therapy, wondering why NeNe would run out of a session she organized. The consensus is that NeNe can’t own up to the things she’s done. This feeling is shared by Kenya, who says, “You’re either going to bring everybody together, or drive everybody apart.” But Porsha thinks that NeNe didn’t feel heard because Dr. Jeff allowed Kandi to jump in and question her when NeNe was already riled up and feeling attacked. Moments later, when Dr. Jeff returns, Kenya tries to play as though she’s so bothered by NeNe walking out. According to her, she wanted to work things out with her. However, Porsha says that she finds Kenya and Claudia to be fraudulent chicks: “These girls can Kumbaya all they want, but until they move on and let go, they’ll always have an agenda.”

Baggage Claim

So Dr. Jeff asks the ladies about their upbringing: Porsha was bullied as a kid and felt bullied in her marriage; Claudia’s family was treated coldly for many years because she is mixed; and Kenya still feels rejected by her mom. Once the women dig deep into their baggage, they seem more open to talking things out, including Porsha and Kenya, who have a long history of gone-with-the-wind drama. After playing the blame game, talking about who-did-and-who-didn’t-apologize, and speaking on the harsh things said in Puerto Rico, they’re able to get real about their problems. Doesn’t mean they all work it out enough to be friends, but it’s a mature moment that ends in a group hug.

Kandi Is Still In Denial About Her Friendship With Phaedra

When it’s time to talk about Kandi and Phaedra’s issues, Kandi isn’t here for it, and well, Phaedra physically isn’t here for it. Kandi says, “If you do have an issue, why are you discussing it with Porsha and NeNe?” In her mind, if someone has a problem with you and they don’t let YOU know about it, then it’s their problem, not a real beef.

The Ladies Kiss NeNe’s Butt Again–According To Kandi

In yet another attempt to cater to NeNe, who is long gone from the session, Dr. Jeff asks the ladies how they should reach out to her next. Kenya suggests a video they can send to NeNe thanking her for bringing them together for group therapy. They did just that, and Kandi taped it, but she wasn’t a willing participant: “This is why she feels she can do this to people. Because they kiss her a**!”

NeNe Prepares For Cinderella, Says She’s Sick And Tired Of Apologizing To Folks

Back in her mansion, NeNe is reading lines for Cinderella. As she focuses on her work, Gregg talks to his lady about the therapy session, which we know NeNe wasn’t happy with.

“I was totally being attacked. I just didn’t understand it.”

NeNe says she saw the video Porsha and the rest of the ladies sent her, but she’s still mad: “Porsha didn’t speak up for the truth. Kandi didn’t speak up for the truth. When they did that I was done.” NeNe says that she’s apologized to the ladies for different things in the past, but they always like to rehash stuff for sympathy, and she’s not with it. Getting her to apologize is a big deal, and she’s tired of folks not being appreciative of her attempts to make peace.

The Tuckers Have Date Night With The Thomases

The Tuckers and the Thomases meet up to play pool and talk about the ladies’ therapy session. They joke about NeNe beefing with Dr. Jeff, NeNe giving Kandi the death face when she asked her about her treatment of Cynthia, and Claudia and Porsha being able to get past their petty mess. But as for Phaedra and Kandi’s issues, Kandi still doesn’t know understand why everybody but her (even Dr. Jeff!) knew about their alleged deep-rooted issues. But she says no matter what, it’s still all love. “Unless I find out that she just said some really jacked up stuff about me, I’ll always have love for Phaedra.”

Phaedra Seeks Support From Sarah Jakes

Phaedra meets up with Sarah Jakes, the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, to get advice on moving out of a marriage as a preacher’s kid. It’s a lot of pressure and a lot of pain. Phaedra asks Sarah how she knew she needed to leave her marriage, no matter what criticism she would receive from the holy rollers who knew her and her father. Sarah says that she saw the sign when she felt like she needed to be rescued from her relationship.

“Marriage shouldn’t be this place where you feel like you need protection, but where you can feel vulnerable.”

According to Phaedra, that’s exactly how she feels about marriage with Apollo. As she put it, “it was hell every day” until he finally checked in for prison. Phaedra did say that she would support him through his legal issues, but during her chat with Sarah, she admits that she probably should have left him then because the months that followed were chaos. Sarah lets Phaedra know that through their “God-connection,” she will always have her back as she deals with the breakdown of her marriage. So no, NeNe isn’t the only “good friend” Phaedra can confide in.

Life Twirls On Has Its First Table Read, And We Can’t Stop Looking At Leon

Kenya has a table read for her new show, Life Twirls On, and getting it together is clearly stressful for her. But the gang is all there to help and support, including her friend/assistant, Brandon, as well as Cynthia, D. Woods, and Leon, who still looks good! Despite how random the cast looks (and how terrible Cynthia’s Jamaican accent still is), the table read seems to go decently. Kenya feels a bit more confident in her script, and her show in general.

Claudia Links Up With Dr. Jeff To Add Something To Her Storyline…

Claudia chats with Dr. Jeff during her personal time because she feels as though they connected during group therapy. She is still open to fixing her problems with the ladies, and wants to know what they should all do to move forward. After making peace with Porsha, Dr. Jeff encourages Claudia to also try and get the rest of the women to come together–for another damn group trip. Even though they were just in Puerto Rico, Claudia suggests a trip to the Philippines to get the ladies out of their comfort zone so they can connect in some way. I mean, trips on trips on trips with these folks. Yes, I’m jealous.

The Ladies Prepare For Yet Another Group Trip

So Kenya and Cynthia check out Kandi’s boutique, Tags. They try on clothes, ask for a discount, be silly as they want to be, and talk to Kandi about the newest group trip. While the women are definitely split into two groups, Kenya tells Kandi that Claudia and Porsha were able to bond and put together a trip to the Philippines. Everyone is excited, but you know Kandi is skeptical: “We can’t have a good dinner together, so I’m not even sure how we’re going to manage to fly halfway around the world together. But hey, I’m still going to have a good time.”

Phaedra Is Ready To Clean Up The Mess That Is Her Defunct Marriage

In the last scene from this episode, Phaedra seeks divorce counseling from her colleague Ronne Kaplan. The two sit down and discuss divorce options and how to ensure that Phaedra will walk away unscathed financially. Kaplan says that their prenup will keep Phae Phae’s money on lock, but she does think that Phaedra should take Ayden and Dylan to visit their father. Phaedra says that not only will she lose time at work if she takes the boys to see Apollo, but she doesn’t want her sons around miscreants: “I’m not going to put them in a room full of killers because one person wants to feel better about his position.”

As for what went wrong with Apollo, Phaedra says he changed and got too into partying and just being mean-spirited. Kaplan goes on to ask Phaedra the million dollar question, which is why she married a man who had been imprisoned for five years in the first place? Phaedra says, “I thought he was a changed man. I knew that he loved me.” But now, Phaedra is tired of standing by him. She’s ready to look out for herself, her sons, and clean up this mess of a marriage once and for all.

“Not only is he leaving me, but he’s leaving a trail of madness behind that I have to clean up.”

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