Violence Rocks Easter Weekend. Now What?

April 28, 2011  |  


This is second year in a row that Easter weekend has been riddled with senseless gun violence. Last year the violence hit closer to home for me when two of my friends were shot and killed in Jersey City returning home from their Engagement Party earlier that night. This past Sunday Jarell Seay was murdered on his front porch after eating Easter Dinner with his family. The evening prior Trevonne Winn was killed in East Flatbush, he was visiting family in Brooklyn up from South Carolina. All of the victims have been black, and all of their perpetrators have been black.

In the past when similar violent acts have happened I took to my blog and email contacts in what I thought were calls to action, a way to mobilize my network around the issues plaguing our community if for nothing other than to brainstorm possible solutions. But this morning I felt so weak by the news I couldn’t think of any solutions, not for a lack of passion but more so because the issues facing urban communities are so complex, so layered I didn’t know where to begin. I’ve decided to share my thoughts with you, maybe together we can think of something, no matter how big or small, something that will help change us change the miserable conditions we are living in.

2 young men knock at the Seay’s residence in West Philadelphia

They masquerade as friends of the fathers’ son

So much so that he thinks nothing of it and summons his son

Tells him he has company on the porch

It’s hard to ascertain what happens next

But a small argument ensues and then shots ring out

Those “friends” scurry leaving 18yr old Jarell Seay left for dead

He never had a chance once those bullets pierced his chest

A mother and father lost their son

And the world loses another bright light that could have been so much

So much than another statistic of black on black crime

This story is all too familiar

The night before, in Brooklyn, a man was gunned down

Standing right outside of his Uncle’s Crown Fried Chicken on Flatbush and Nostrand

Surveillance cameras on the block captured the murder

Trevonne was from South Carolina

He didn’t even know his would be assassin

Yet the Daily News forgets to mention the child he has at home

They forget to mention his unborn child who will never know his/her father

But somehow they know that he’s been arrested before in South Carolina

So maybe … just maybe he deserved to die

I mean he is a criminal and all…


Same Shyte different toilet

So much so that we’re becoming desensitized to such grotesque violence

I don’t want to march

I don’t want to write

The necessary evil forces are winning because I don’t have the strength to fight anymore

I’m losing the strength to tell my brothers to stop killing each other

That gang banging and selling death to your own people is genocide

Even if I want to say something I’m haunted by our mis-education

What messages are really reaching our youth?

Money, hoes and clothes is all a n-word knows

We are the illegitimate children of capitalism so much so that all we see is $ signs and material wealth

And like the colonial powers that enslaved black bodies we’re going to get this money

In the words of Malcolm

By Any Means Necessary

If only we could break out of these mental chains By Any Means Necessary

If only we could rid ourselves of the Willie Lynch isms that divide us By Any Means Necessary

If only we could respect and love one another By Any Means Necessary.

Then and only then can we start to change this destructive path that we’re heading down!


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