Agree Or Disagree? If There’s No Ring On My Finger You Don’t Get Claimed

March 18, 2015  |  

We love to be all up in Taraji P. Henson’s love life, mostly because for the life of us we can’t understand why the beautiful, talented, funny actress has been single for so long. But just because Taraji hasn’t talked about dating doesn’t mean she hasn’t necessarily seen anyone since her days of walking red carpets with Hill Harper. It’s just that the “Empire” star now has a strict rule on making her personal life public: If the man she’s with isn’t her husband, there’s nothing to say.

Taraji is sharing that gem on the Steve Harvey show today where she dishes on the season finale of her hit Fox show and her rise in Hollywood. Of course, though, Steve had to ask Taraji about dating and how it’s going for her, and that’s when she shared:

“I’m a grown woman so ‘dating and let’s just see’ –those days are over. If there’s nothing on this finger, if this finger’s naked, no one gets claimed. You don’t get claimed until you claim me. Period. You don’t get to say, ‘I dated Taraji P. Henson.’ You don’t get to go on the red carpet and share that part of my life with me because now, today with social media, it’s not private. I have a son  and I don’t want them to be like ‘mom dated that one and this and this’…I can’t do that. I can’t afford that because then when I do meet the one, he’s gonna be like, ‘you were a ho, you been with this one, this one, this one’…I can’t do that.

Oh, if only so many other starlets followed that blueprint. In the quest to establish their desirability, so many entertainers are quick to bring their flavor of the month with them to various red carpets and premieres only to be confused when suddenly they’ve developed a reputation for being a little loose — or at the very least lost — when it comes to love.

There’s also a key element to Taraji’s motive for not bringing men on the carpet with her. Because, while we know many a rapper who follows this same protocol (Fabolous I’m looking at you), Taraji doesn’t deny men for the sake of appearing to be single and available, she’s simply weeding out the characters who are there for the lifestyle versus the love. And, again unlike so many of her famous cohorts, Taraji won’t end up spending valuable air time that should be used to promote her work explaining why she and boo boo the fool are no longer together for years to come. Two points for her.

And just in case this point wasn’t already clear from her earlier comments, Taraji also told Steve:

“If you’re not serious, don’t even open your mouth. Shake my hand and keep it moving. I’ve accomplished so much in my life and right now, I just want someone to share it with.”

I hear you, girl.

What do you think of Taraji’s stance on claiming a man? Do you agree or disagree? Watch the segment below.


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