The Ladies Do Therapy, And NeNe’s Odd New Hairdo, And Her Personality, Get Slandered: RHOA Ep. 17

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What can we all learn from RHOA Ep. 17? Well, for one, therapy with your coworkers is a terrible idea. NeNe learned that the hard way, as the woman who tried to bring her fellow cast members together to make peace couldn’t take all the heat blazing in the kitchen. So let’s talk about that, as well as Phaedra and Kandi finally hashing out their issues, and Claudia’s attempts at a part-time career in stand-up comedy…

Phaedra And Porsha Brand Cynthia A “Mean Girl”

As the episode begins, Phaedra visits with Porsha at her home to gossip about all the shenanigans she’s had to deal with lately. Looks like Porsha was able to keep up the payments on that mansion everyone was claiming she couldn’t afford…

Anywho, as Porsha cooks up mystery meat in a pan, Phaedra tells her about that odd one-on-one with Cynthia that cemented the end of their ‘friendship.’ Porsha isn’t surprised by this news, as she tells Phaedra that Cynthia is a “mean girl” now. Porsha says that Cynthia pulled out her “mean girl” act when NeNe encouraged everyone to take part in therapy to handle their issues, and it’s during this chat that Phaedra makes it clear that you won’t catch her at a therapy session with any of “satan’s minions.”

Todd And Kandi Play “Pros And Cons”

In the next scene, Kandi and Todd sit down and try to put into practice the things they learned during their own couples therapy session, and that includes a “pros and cons” session. What do these two love about being with the other, and what aren’t they so crazy about? When it comes time for Todd to say what he doesn’t like about Kandi, he says that he doesn’t like how she fails to tackle problems (obviously a dig at how she lets her mom treat them both), but he has a hard time really thinking of reasons why he loves being with her. Considering that he wasn’t so sure he would remarry her when asked earlier this season, that’s not a shocker.
But Todd eventually says that out all of her great qualities, he loves that she’s “family oriented.” That’s it?

Yeah, it’s going to take a lot more therapy sessions to get this pair together.

Claudia Wants To Be A Stand-Up Comedienne. No, Seriously.

Claudia, whose storyline gets duller and duller by the week, visits with her “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” co-host Gary With Da Tea to talk about the struggle to date (do you know what a “daddy girl” is?) and her career aspirations. Claudia says that she’s always wanted a chance to show off her comedic chops on the morning show, but feels stifled because she’s the only female host (remember, Porsha is just a TV personality for the show via “Dish Nation”). And while Claudia seems to be a funny chick, Gary encourages her to leave the laughs to Rickey. But considering that comedy is close to Claudia’s heart, and it allegedly helped her get through a divorce, she seems dead set on trying her hand at stand-up comedy.


NeNe And Her New Wig Show Support To Phaedra

NeNe arrives at Phaedra’s house with a new wig (oooh child, that wig…) and some support for her friend. Phaedra shares with NeNe that she’s completely done with Cynthia after the former model tried to put her on blast not even days after Apollo turned himself in for prison. In her confessional, NeNe backs Phaedra and slams Cynthia for her behavior, saying that she “needs to focus on Barely Agency and BarNone.”


But someone else that Phaedra is upset with is Kandi. After thanking NeNe for being the support that she’s needed during this tough time, Phaedra once again says that Kandi hasn’t been there for her. “I love Kandi to death. It’s so strange that it’s such a disconnect with us. I don’t know what’s going on.” And while I can understand Phaedra’s frustrations, it’s still weird that she wouldn’t share them with the one person she’s upset with…

No Really, Claudia’s Serious About This Stand-Up Comedy Stuff.

Claudia is dead serious about this stand-up comedy thing. She’s so serious that she meets up with her friend, the always hilarious comedienne Luenell, to get her advice on entering the comedy world. Luenell keeps it real with her: “Why does everybody want to do this comedy? Why not just jump off of a cliff? Because that’s what you’re doing.” But Luenell ends up encouraging her, and even explains to Claudia the differences between the white comedy clubs and the black ones (it’s all in the laughs). Claudia feels even more encouraged to try her hand at stand-up comedy, and Luenell leaves her to do that as she goes home to tend to a “THOT” waiting on her…

Kandi And Phaedra Finally Deal With Their Issues

Kandi finally confronts Phaedra at her office about the issues she allegedly has with her, issues she openly shared with NeNe and Porsha. The fact that she would talk about her to NeNe seems to brings Kandi to tears. Phaedra tells her that she’s been hurt because Kandi has been MIA as she’s gone through her major issues with Apollo. But Kandi reminds her that it takes two to make a friendship work. She says that she’s been going through her own struggles with her work (as in “A Mother’s Love”) and her marriage, and Phaedra never bothered to give her a call either. Both women hash out their issues and finally seem to let the drama go. But before they can fully say all is “cool” between them, Kandi lets Phaedra know that she’s skeptical about her new friendship with NeNe. “Everything she’s done to be by your side she’s going to throw it in your face, just like she did Cynthia.” But Phaedra is hopeful that NeNe won’t flip on her like she did Cynthia, whom Phae Phae now refers to as “satan’s child.”

Never Mind, Claudia’s Not That Funny After All…

Claudia finds her way to a comedy club with Demetria, who’s the sole member of her audience. Unfortunately, Claudia stinks up the stage with her jokes. She compares Oscar Pistorius’ running blades to “spatulas,” says his favorite film is Footloose, and tells a joke about her grandmother’s “pu**y.” Yeah, don’t quit your day job, boo.

When Keeping It Real In Therapy Goes Wrong…

So it’s time for therapy! NeNe arrives first and after getting the rules about how Dr. Jeff will handle the session (NeNe gets no special treatment), she seems optimistic about it all. But that’s until the session begins.

For some reason, Cynthia invites Kenya (who wasn’t originally informed about or invited to the session), and when the ladies are asked to share what their issues are, they all seem to point to NeNe: Kenya claims that NeNe pretended as though they’d worked out their issues and then started acting phony; Claudia says that NeNe treated her so poorly when the ladies all got together and they formally met for the first time; and Cynthia puts NeNe on blast for trying to throw her under the bus after their friendship went awry. NeNe feels attacked so she begins to attack the ladies, and even lashes out at Dr. Jeff!


But things really take a turn left when Kandi speaks her piece on NeNe. Kandi points out that NeNe always acts like people come for her, but really, it’s the other way around. She also questions why NeNe would try and imply on TV that Cynthia should be fired from RHOA if she ever truly considered Cynthia to be a friend. The fact that she could turn on Cynthia in such a way, and so quickly, didn’t seem fair to Kandi. As Dr. Jeff tries to interject, NeNe grabs her socks, her shoes, and her bag, and heads out the door. As the ladies criticize her for running away when her inadequacies are put under the magnifying glass (and Porsha sits there looking like a lost puppy), Dr. Jeff runs after NeNe, who refuses to take part in “Attack NeNe Day.”

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