Y’all Petty: 15 Celebrities Banned From Talk Shows

March 18, 2015  |  
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These celebrities may know how to sing, act and perform for the cameras, but once the script is gone, they’re not always on their best behavior. Here are 15 stars who were banned from talk shows.






All the Kardashians

When Andy Cohen asked Anderson Cooper on “Watch What Happens Live” whom he would ban from his show, Anderson replied that no member of the Kardashian family is allowed on his show.

Kelsey Grammer

When Grammer was getting ready to walk on the stage of “Piers Morgan Tonight,” the show flashed a photo of Grammer’s ex-wife during the opening credits. Grammer’s response was to walk off before even starting the interview and he was promptly banned. Grammer had apparently requested in advance that no photos of his ex-wife be shown on the program, so somebody broke their promise.

Jackie Mason

When Mason was doing a standup set on “The Ed Sullivan Show” he was given the two minute warning from Ed, letting him know his time was almost up. Mason allegedly then flipped Ed off and Ed banned him. Mason went on to sue Ed Sullivan, won, and Ed had him back on his show, publicly apologizing for the misunderstanding.

Vince Vaughn

After Vaughn made offensive jokes about gay people in his movie, “The Dilemma” Ellen DeGeneres opted not to have him on her show. Vaughn thought she was being a little too sensitive and argued that making jokes brings people together.

Adrien Brody

When introducing musical guest Sean Paul on “Saturday Night Live,” Brody wore fake dreadlocks and did a fake Jamaican accent and Lorne Michaels did not like it. Brody was banned for his little stunt.

Gary Busey

There’s not a lot that would make the controversial Howard Stern ban somebody, except this: if somebody messes with his precious co-host Robin Quivers. Busey apparently gave Quivers a very aggressive hug and laid her down on the floor in a sort-of-offensive way. Busey blamed his actions on his split personality disorder but Stern was done with Busey after that.

Hugh Grant

Grant didn’t help fight snotty British stereotypes when he complained to Jon Stewart about the clip shown from his movie “Did You Hear About the Morgan’s?” on “The Daily Show.” Jon Stewart said that Grant spoke about having better things to do than be on his show and complained a lot.

Bobcat Goldthwait

When on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Goldthwait covered himself (and his chair) in lighter fluid and set both on fire. Needless to say, Leno didn’t feel he was a safe guest to have back on the show.

Kathy Griffin

Griffin is a bit of a talk show bad girl. She was banned from the David Letterman show for swearing, she was banned from “The View” for insulting Barbara Walters and she was removed from her hosting duties on E! red carpet shows for making a joke about 11-year-old Dakota Fanning entering rehab.

Howie Mandel

Mandel reportedly got into some antics on “The Piers Morgan Show,” including blocking Morgan’s dressing room with a soda machine and bringing fart machines on stage. It’s hard to tell if Mandel was wrong or if Morgan needs a sense of humor.


Piers Morgan apparently has it out for Madonna. Without much provocation, Morgan openly called Madonna boring and less talented than Lady Gaga. Morgan banned Madonna via Twitter and when the singer joined Twitter, Morgan sent her a message saying, “Welcome to Twitter. You’re still banned from my show.”

Heather Mills

Piers Morgan might just like banning people from his show, but this ban was personal. Morgan apparently introduced Mills to Paul McCartney, who Mills eventually married and divorced. In the divorce Mills took McCartney for almost all he was worth, leading Morgan to believe she was a total gold digger who’d cheated his good old Beatles pal.

Sinead O’Connor

When O’Connor appeared as the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” she digressed from her scripted directions and went political: O’Connor tore up a picture of the Pope while saying, “Fight the real enemy” as a statement against sexual abuse in the Catholic church. O’Connor was banned from SNL.

Gilbert Gottfried

Gottfried never actually offended Howard Stern (can anyone?) but Stern did ban the former voice from the Aflac commercials from being on his show, because he was on a competing radio show.



Piers Morgan

Oh how the tables have turned. When Rosie O’Donnell started “The Rosie Show” she immediately banned Morgan because he banned her friend Madonna from his show.

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