“You Done Changed”: Kandi Can’t Seem To Catch A Break With Her Man, Her Mom, Or Phaedra–RHOA Ep. 16

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So what did you guys think of the “Southern Discomfort” episode of RHOA this weekend? In it, the ladies deal with the aftermath of the dinner and the allegations made about Phaedra, her character and her love life. We also see Todd and Kandi finally getting the help they need with their relationship, NeNe trying to encourage the women to seek counseling to get their ish together, and Phaedra and Cynthia going head-to-head in these ATL streets. Who’s ready to chat?

Cynthia Explains Why She Snitched On Phaedra At Dinner

While chatting with Peter, Cynthia shares with her husband what happened at the dinner Kandi put together, which ended with Phaedra almost hitting Kenya with a clutch. She dished on her part in that foolishness, and admitted that trying to drop dime on Phaedra the way she did is not really her thing. But she does stand by her intentions: “You can’t call people whores and be a whore. It doesn’t work like that.” Cynthia now has a lot to think about as she invited the ladies to Peter’s Salute To Excellent event before things got even uglier at the dinner. Who will actually show their face? Hell, I wouldn’t…

Phaedra and Porsha Tell Us Why They’re Really Mad At Cynthia And Kandi

Meeting up after the ill-fated dinner we saw last week, Phaedra and Porsha discuss their disappointment with Cynthia, who they both believe is trying to be Mean Girl #1 by dishing out all that “dirt” about her. By the way, Phae Phae still says the cheating rumors aren’t true. But the conversation eventually turns to Kandi, as Porsha states that she thought Kandi would have been and should have been more vocal about such allegations being made in front of everyone at a dinner she put together. Porsha agrees that she’s disappointed in her so-called friend, but it’s put out there that Kandi might have kept quiet because her loyalty is now to her husband, who is good friends with Apollo and seems to believe everything he says…

Todd And Kandi Go To Therapy

Todd and Kandi officially go to therapy with Dr. Sherry Blake, and while they are open to seeking help, they’re not really open to hearing constructive criticism about themselves. But a lot of interesting things are brought up during their therapy session. For one, we get the real deal on Todd’s feelings about their prenuptial agreement and how he feels it affected their relationship. We also learn from Dr. Blake that in order to get their sex life back on track, Todd and Kandi need to work on getting back to being emotionally connected. Dr. Blake gives them some homework and leaves it to the two stubborn lovebirds to apply that ish and make things work.

Did Kandi Know About Those Text Messages Before Everyone Else?

At the Salute To Excellence Event, aside from Peter and Cynthia obviously, Kenya, Claudia, Demetria, Kandi and Todd (date night is a good start to working on a marriage) show up to support Peter’s shindig. But as always, folks can’t stay on topic and Phaedra and her alleged cheating habits come up. The ladies ask Kandi if she knew about those alleged text messages Apollo put on blast since Peter stated that Todd got a look at them. Kandi, the one who usually shows the most sense out of the group, does the right thing by remembering that talking about your good friend with frenemies (and on camera) isn’t a good look: “I’m not going to sit here and debate what their problems may or may not be.” Right after, Kandi wins an award at the event because, well, she’s a boss, and she deserves an award for being a loyal friend at a time when everyone is saying she’s not.

NeNe Is Trying To Play Peacemaker–Seriously Though

NeNe meets up with Dr. Jeff (who has been on just about everything, including “Maury”), and it appears that NeNe wants to bring the girls together to make peace after last week’s hot mess of a dinner encounter. But she warns Dr. Jeff that he will have a challenge on his hands with the drama that the ladies have, and that there might even be some yelling and screaming if they all come together (the norm for these ladies). However, Dr. Jeff is down for trying to bring peace in the group and says, “I love a challenge.”

Clearly he’s not aware of who he’s going to be dealing with…

Phaedra Wants An Apology From Cynthia, But She’s Not Going To Get It

While I’m not crazy about Phaedra, I think it’s clear that Cynthia owes her an apology considering that she told Kenya and all the women about the allegations that Phae Phae is a cheater. The two meet up for drinks and to possibly mend things, but when they sit down, Cynthia doesn’t apologize. No, instead she lets Phaedra know that she’s open to talking to her, but won’t if Phae Phae is going to be stank. Phaedra reminds her that she was not the one who set up this meeting, so Cynthia needs to say whatever she needs to so they can call it a night.

Cynthia claims there was no malicious intent behind her decision to bring up the cheating allegations, but of course, she says this in her new, ‘improved’ and always defensive tone. But Phaedra shuts her down by telling her that “You made this into something big that you did not fact check.” When Cynthia is caught out there and tries to remind Phaedra that she didn’t fact check Apollo’s claims before slut-shaming Kenya about those old text messages, Phaedra walks up and leaves before a fight can break out: “She’s two seconds from getting her a** whipped.”

Mama Joyce Returns To Cause Her Usual Confusion

Kandi is checking things out at her clothing store, Tags, when Mama Joyce comes in to check on her. When asked how things are with Todd, Kandi says “We’re cool,” but refrains from stating that they’re in counseling. Considering that Mama Joyce is rooting for their downfall, it only makes sense she would keep that on the hush. As mom and daughter catch up, Joyce takes the conversation left and tells her that “It’s like you done changed.” She claims that Kandi hasn’t come around her family since she married Todd, and that upsets Kandi very much. Kandi says that Joyce spends too much time trying to make her feel bad: “You don’t ever fess up to what you do wrong.” And that “wrong” includes being an ungrateful owner of homes that Kandi bought her that she’s been blocked from having a key to. But surprise, surprise! Mama Joyce does bring Kandi a set of keys and a remote to her home and garage. She somewhat agrees that she’s been living foul and in her own way, acknowledges all the help that Kandi has offered her: “It’s the right thing for me to do.”

The Mexican Standoff

The ladies meet at a Mexican restaurant, and NeNe seems friendlier than usual. Encouraged by Dr. Jeff, she wants to try and bring all the ladies closer, so she invites them all to lunch: “If anybody can talk to these girls, I feel like I can.”

The only people not invited are Kenya and Phaedra, because their issues are a lot deeper and uglier at this point. But the rest of the ladies seem open to this meeting–everyone except Cynthia. Once NeNe speaks about the women displaying poor behavior, including herself, Cynthia responds in a feisty manner with, “does that include you or what?” Those two go back and forth for a hot second until NeNe takes her attention away from the her former friend. Finally back to the conversation at hand, NeNe encourages the ladies to take part in counseling with her so that they can all get to the root of their issues–all the issues except for the ones she had with Claudia. When Claudia tries to ask NeNe what was behind her decision to slut-shame her in Puerto Rico, NeNe isn’t interested in offering her yet another explanation: “I’m not going to go backwards with you.”

Kandi Says No To Counseling, But She And Phaedra Might Need It Most

Kandi says she won’t be present for counseling because she doesn’t think she has issues with the ladies, but NeNe lets her know that, “you and Phaedra have not been close.” Kandi doesn’t agree, but she does believe that she and Phaedra have had issues since she told Phae Phae that Apollo should be able to see his sons. Porsha chimes in to encourage Kandi to come to counseling, which she finally agrees to do, and to say in her confessional that Kandi needs to figure out whose side she is on.

“She needs to choose: Is she going to be over here with Phaedra, or is she going to be over there with her husband and Apollo?”


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