Acting Brand New: Stars Who Found A New Boo And Decided To Diss Their Old Ones

March 5, 2015  |  
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When we’re in love, our noses are often blasted wide open and we can’t see our lives without the new person who has stolen our heart. And sometimes, when we’re feeling that person a little too much too fast, we start talking about them like they’re the best thing since sliced bread–and throw shade at our exes in the process. These stars found love again and instead of just being happy about that, they decided to crap all over the people they were once in love with. Not cool…


Kanye West

I can partly understand why Kanye West dissed Amber Rose. I mean, she did call his wife a whore on Twitter while beefing with Khloe Kardashian. But West went a bit too far with his jabs on The Breakfast Club:

“It’s very hard for a woman to want to be with someone that’s with Amber Rose…I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim.”

And that wasn’t all he had to say.

“She’s just soakin’ in the moment. If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose.”

Ouch. Rose would respond, reminding him that since they were in love once, she wouldn’t pull all of his skeletons out of the closet–she’ll just let the Kardashians do it when they’re done with him.

Amber Rose

When Amber Rose fell in love with Wiz Khalifa, she made it clear that when compared, Kanye couldn’t stack up. And not only that, she also said on Hot 97 that if Wiz and ‘Ye ever came to blows, he could open up a can of whoop a** on Yeezy.

“I think he would beat the crap out of Kanye. And I’d kick him while he’s down. I’d be right there with him. I’d jump in!”

Brandon Jennings

When NBA player Brandon Jennings made it seem like he hadn’t been in love until he met video model Tae Heckard, by saying that, he basically acted like his relationship of four years with Teyana Taylor never happened. 

Taylor was livid about this and even went on the Breakfast Club to call out both Jennings and Heckard (but mostly Heckard) for doing her so dirty.

“Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore so my issue is not with Brandon. I’m not even upset because I know him. My issue is with Tae because that was my friend.”

Big Sean

The rapper has made it clear in both conversation and in his rhymes that ending things with his former fiancée, Naya Rivera, was one of the best things that has happened to him. Courtesy of “IDFWU”:

I got a new chick that I gotta thank God for

I got a new whip that I gotta thank the lot for

Yeah I got a lot but want a lot more

Yeah we in the buildin’ but I’m tryna take it to the top floor

I swear I hear some new bullsh*t every day I’m wakin’ up

It seems like nowadays everybody breakin’ up

That shit can break you down if you lose a good girl

I guess you need a bad b***h to come around and make it up

Olivia Wilde

Actress Olivia Wilde was married for almost 10 years to Tao Ruspoli, but after they split and she fell in love with comedian Jason Sudeikis, all those years paled in comparison to what she has with the former “Saturday Night Live” funnyman. Even the sex! Wilde said that while sex with Sudeikis is nonstop and hot (they’re like “Kenyan marathon runners” according to her), sex with Ruspoli? Not so much.

“I felt like my vagina died. It just turned off. Lights out.”

Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj and Safaree first split up, things were sad, but peaceful. But as soon as she started dropping hints that she was dating rapper Meek Mill, she started taking jabs at Safaree. She accused him publicly of trying to blackmail her, she openly questioned his talents as a rapper, and she laughed when her fans and others would sh*t on him. It got so bad that Safaree went to The Breakfast Club (the go-to place for scorned exes) to try and figure out why she would do him like that.

“I could be out here telling a million stories and doing cornball sh*t like that but I’m not going to do that. I never would do that. I never plan on doing that. I just think it’s crazy for her to come out now and try to pull me down, try to say I’m corny. I don’t care who you’re with. I want you to move on because I’m moving on.”



As rumors about Tyga and Kylie Jenner heated up, he was interviewed by VIBE about what went wrong between him and Blac Chyna. In that interview, he tried to blame their split on her lack of drive and more.

“We were together for two years, but sometimes people need to see what life really is without the other person. [They need to experience life] without Prince Charming and really learn responsibility. You can’t change a person. A person is always gonna be who they came to the table [as]. You can improve a person’s potential, you can help guide that person but at the end of the day, they’re gonna make their own decisions.”

Boy, bye.

Wiz Khalifa

At this point, it would be in the best interest of Amber Rose to NOT date another rapper. As Deelishis goes out of her way to let everyone know that she’s dating Wiz, he’s going out of his way to let us know that he’s not fond of his estranged wife…

While spitting a verse on the new Juicy J song, “For Everybody,” Wiz dissed Amber more than once.

I fell in love with a stripper, funny thing is, I fell out of love quicker

They don’t pay attention to love anyway

They only concerned with what the haters say

Bottles be turnin’ these girls into thots

Instagram turnin’ these wives into hos

Not in real life they just readin’ the comments

Mess with a real one and get you exposed


While chatting with The Breakfast Club about his third marriage, The-Dream threw shade at both of his ex-wives, Christina Milian and Nivea. During that interview, he claimed that his new wife, Lalonne Martinez, finally provides him with the drama-free life he needs.

“I love being married. At least this time I don’t have the drama around it. It’s the non-drama. Because I don’t call you to see where you’re at. I don’t do that. It’s that stuff. It’s that uneasy thing, especially in this business. I need to be creative and do my thing, so I don’t have time for the nonsense.”

Kevin And Torrei Hart

Nobody has thrown shade at their ex more than Kevin Hart. Torrei Hart (and their kids) was a big part of Kevin’s stand-up shows early on, and once he started dating his “rib,” Eniko, he made it clear that he found the love of his life. He even hopped on stage at the BET Awards a few years back to tell the watching audience, “I had a good year, cause I’m finally getting divorced.”

But Torrei isn’t hurting. She found love again and made it clear that she’s finally found a God-fearing man meant for her.

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