They Still Didn’t Learn Ya’ll: More Celebrities Fired For Saying The Wrong Thing

March 3, 2015  |  
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We guess you really can’t say that on television. These celebrities fired for saying the wrong thing just learned that sometimes it’s better to keep your feelings to yourself.

Kelly Osbourne

In news we still can’t understand, Kelly Osbourne ended up being the one to (maybe not voluntarily) leave Fashion Police.

How did Kelly exit over after Giuliana Rancic’s dread-ful comments? Kelly says she asked E! not to air the comment on set because Zendaya was her friend. And when E! aired it anyway, Kelly got so angry with Giuliana and the network that it was time for her to leave.

Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne may already be gone, but that doesn’t mean that Giuliana is out of hot water yet.

E! says that Giuliana “has not been suspended or fired.” However, her recent absence from E! News (“due to prior commitments”) has fans wondering if Giuliana isn’t in the process of being asked to voluntarily-not-really-voluntarily leave too.

Amy Pascal

The Sony leaks got a lot of executives in trouble. But Sony Chief Amy Pascal got fired for describing television as “the new black baby” — something all the celebrities have got to have.

After the leak, Amy apologized but Amy was still forced to “involuntarily resign” from Sony.

Daniel Orton

When a 5’7″ boxing star uses his celebrity status to join a pro basketball team, the NBA players he’s up against are going to crack a Few jokes.

But when Daniel Orton called Manny Pacquiao a “joke” during their game he was fired — from the PBA. Apparently, when you’re balling for the Philippine Basketball Association making fun of national boxing treasure Manny Pacquiao is a major no-no.

Michelle Rodriguez

Was Michelle Rodriguez in the lineup for being the next Green Lantern?

TMZ certainly thought so when they caught up with Rodriguez and asked. But we doubt Marvel still has Rodriguez in mind after she dropped this racially awkward response:

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Because of this whole ‘minorities in Hollywood’ thing … It’s so stupid. Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own.

We guess Michelle’s not afraid to tell us how she really feels — even if it means passing up on a few roles.

Brian Williams

NBC anchor Brian Willams learned about tall tales the hard way when he stretched the truth about his combat experiences on air.

Technically, Brian Williams hasn’t been fired yet, but his break from the anchor chair and an 80% drop in his popularity does not look good for the news anchor.

Warren Sapp

“That’s too much money and I don’t think your services were worth it.”

How can that statement get you fired? If you’re Warren Sapp and you’ve just said that to two prostitutes who are in the lobby talking to police about your failure to pay.

We don’t know exactly what Warren said to make those ladies so mad, but Warren did admit to a cop that he “experienced” the prostitutes and didn’t pay them in full.

Once the truth was out, Warren was fired from the NFL Network as well as several sponsorship deals.

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Mariah Carey’s Nanny

We guess you can say “I love you” too much. Simonette DaCosta — Nick and Mariah Carey’s longterm nanny — says that’s why she was fired.

But now that there are lots of zeros on Simonette’s lawsuit, folks are wondering if this is really a case of “your kids love me more than they love you” or “I’m after a piece of the Carey empire?”

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Fighting on Love and Hip Hop might not get you fired, but threatening to kill your castmates will. That’s why Benzino got the axe. And Stevie J says that after their infamous on-air brawl, “[Benzino] said flat out he was going to kill us.”

Things get really heated on the Love and Hip Hop set, but producers and staffers — who were included in Benzino’s threats — decided that it would be better if Benzino was no longer on the show.

Stephen Collins

“I did it”

Stephen Collins still had his acting gig on Ted 2 even after the child molestation rumors started to surface.

But just 2 hours after TMZ released audio of Stephen confessing to the crime, he was fired from the movie.

Now Stephen Collins is suing TMZ for the $75K he lost out on that role when TMZ put his unlawfully obtained confession on the front page.

Claudia Jordan

Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer Claudia Jordan isn’t fired yet. But fans have started a petition online to have her fired for calling black people “orangutans” and “monkeys” (and for calling Tiny Harris a “waste of light skin”) on the show.

But while name-calling is never nice, calling Claudia Jordan a half-caste in the petition feels like a case of two wrongs not making a right.

Brandi Glanville

Dakota Fanning isn’t the only one that wants Brandi Glanville fired from Real Housewives. Andy Cohen is reportedly eagerly awaiting drama-causing Brandi’s exit from the show. And it looks like he might finally get his wish.

Sundy Carter

Cancer and infertility are never a laughing matter.

Basketball Wives star Sundy carter learned that the hard way when she was axed from the show for making fun of Brandi Maxiell ovarian cancer and trouble conceiving.

But Sundy Carter says she was surprised that fans saw her as the biggest villain on the show. She says editing made her look like more of a bully than she really was: “If they would’ve gotten the full feel, I bet people’s opinion of me would be totally different.

Columbus Short

He hit me.”

Columbus Short says that his ex wife’s words — and not his actions — got him fired from Scandal:

“These allegations of me being an abuser? I’ve never put my hands on a woman in my entire life.

So it was hard to just sit back and be quiet, but what do you say? It’s like, if you’re accused of rape, no matter what, you’re accused of rape. So sponsorships backs off, ABC backed away. There was a barrage of stories and ABC was trying to hold on as long as they could, but it was like, this is getting bad.”

Unfortunately for Columbus, his Scandal character is currently resting in peace.

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