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We told you earlier this year about a young girl who was beaten, shot and killed after meeting up with a guy she was introduced to on Facebook. Just last month, a 13-year-old boy in Chicago was shot and killed after following his two sisters to a fight they were going to engage in with a rival gang after feuding escalated on Facebook. Now, according to, a 14-year-old girl was shot and killed late last week while taking part in a brawl with her friends against another group of girls they were squabbling with for a few years now on Facebook.

According to reports, Kiera’Onna Rice of Birmingham, Alabama had planned to meet up with her friends so that they could fight another group of girls that they all had issues with on Friday. The freshman was specifically going to fight a girl she had been rivals with since sixth grade. Everyone met up at a park and some people came to record the fight so that it could be posted to social media. When the fight began, things got out of control almost immediately, with someone pulling out a taser, and two young men pulling out guns and shooting into the crowd of teens.

Rice was hit in the melee, along with two other individuals. As people fled the scene, witnesses claim that she was run over by a car, allegedly on accident. Rice was rushed to the hospital by her friends in one of their cars. She died there.

After talking to witnesses and questioning suspects, police arrested and charged two young men with murder and both first-degree and second-degree assault. Antonio King, 17, and Jason Wade, 19, are in jail with a bond of $1.5 million each.

Rice’s mother, Alicia, had heard Kiera’Onna talking about meeting up to settle a score with a girl she had problems with, but Alicia says that she encouraged her to walk away from such drama. On Friday night, Alicia called her daughter from work to find out where she was and Kiera’Onna told her that she was going to head home. However, the teen would go on to text her mom later and tell her she was sorry, but that she needed to “fight this girl and get it over with.”

“I said, ‘Keke, I’m going to beat your (expletive) when I get home. If they don’t kill you before I get there, I’m going to beat your (expletive.)’ I knew. I had a feeling my baby wasn’t coming home.”

That was the last time Alicia Rice was able to communicate with her child.

“I just went to praying real hard. I’d never prayed that hard a day in my life. I said ‘My baby ain’t coming home.'”

Kiera’Onna’s cousin, Destiny, 15, was present for the brawl and said that no one imagined things would spiral out of control in such a way.

“I lost my cousin over a fight. It’s definitely a wake-up call.”

According to Destiny, Kiera’Onna had considered her mother’s warning and didn’t really want to meet up to fight. However, “they had said if she didn’t come out there, they were coming to her house.”

As she deals with her grief, Alicia encourages other teenagers to leave social media alone because it is turning out to be more and more dangerous.

“They need to stop entertaining this stuff. Facebook. It just needs to go away. They don’t need it.”


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