Psycho Women or Lying Dudes?

April 23, 2011  |  

Due to some of the recent stories in the news I feel compelled to discuss the “crazy woman syndrome.” I’m sure you’ve heard your share of stories with women throwing hot grits on a man’s back, ladies pulling a Jazz Sullivan and busting the windows out of his car or worse someone or someone close to you actually gets murdered because of psycho women (Steve McNair). One has to ask, where are all these psycho women coming from, and how do I avoid them?

The truth is, any woman can be a psycho if you make her that way. I remember listening to the Intruders ‘thin line between love and hate’, they paint the picture vividly for you “you keep hurting her, she keep being quiet, she might be holding something inside, that could really hurt you one day”.

There are tons of scenarios that cause women to go 7:30 but lately it’s guys’ inability to tell the truth or ‘keep it real’. In an effort to rival Max Julien’s The Mack, fellas are trying to have a harem of women on their arm and because men can be territorial they want that harem all to themselves. What am I talking about? Some men want to sleep with 3 or 4 women at the same time and don’t want them sleeping with anyone else because they don’t want their emergency bunz to be unavailable when they want to break the emergency glass.

So men lay in bed, cuddling, holding ladies tight, telling them about their dreams, and listening to yours. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear while the moonlight creeps in the bedroom and shines down on her face. At this very moment men have successfully begun to architect their own demise. This young lady might have been perfectly fine with being your jump-off as you were hers. But in an attempt to be selfish, the man started selling her dreams. She bought into those dreams and now we have the making of a woman scorned on our hands. Maybe it’s not “official” but she doesn’t mind being your “un-official girl.” He may never have said the words ‘you’re the only one’ but his actions imply them.

When men run this game on a few different women they are bound to be discovered by the League of Women’s Intuition. It’s a secret society that meets late at night. The walls are plastered with pictures of men they’re going to ruin on the walls. Now the jig is up, and there are scores of other scorned women sitting around, plotting, watching Waiting to Exhale and the pretty flower he once had has become a wrinkled, cold, petal-less stem with anger in her core. The psychos around her are no help, they’re telling her ways she can get even. Which windows on the car are the most expensive, how to seduce you into a warm bath and then surprise you with some scalding grits. And for what?

Because, a lot of men fail to tell the truth and keep it real. Moral of the story is, these women are crazy “sometimes” because of the fake players out there, lying to them and turning them into erratic psychopaths. Brothers have to keep it real; if you just want to have casual sex, there are plenty who will have you. But when men start selling dreams of a future for the two of you and they don’t really mean it, they are preparing for a future alright, and sadly if she’s crazy enough he may not end up in the picture at all.

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