RHOA Episode 15: Phaedra Tries To Go Oops Upside Kenya’s Head After She Accuses Her Of Being A Cheater

March 2, 2015  |  
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RHOA is back! And the drama continues…

In this week’s episode (RHOA Episode 15), we saw Phaedra move on with life as Apollo turned himself into prison. We saw the allegations about her cheating with an African man named Chocolate spread. And we also saw Phaedra try and hit Kenya with a purse for yapping off at the mouth. It was a crazy episode as usual. Let’s talk about it!


Apollo Leaves Home As Phaedra Returns

As the episode begins, we see that Phaedra is adjusting to life without Apollo with the help of her assistant Kalisha. The ladies move out of their hotel and back into the home she shared with Apollo now that he has turned himself in to begin his sentence. According to Phaedra, since Apollo went in, their son Ayden has been going through mood swings and asking “Why didn’t we save my dad?” With that in mind, Phaedra considers the possibility of putting Ayden in therapy in the hopes that they can move forward as a family, and be happy, without Apollo.

Kandi And Todd Address Their Boring Sex Life

Speaking of therapy…

Todd returns from LA right as Kandi and her team prepare for another episode of Kandi Koated Nights. After asking him about his time away in LA, she eventually gets down to the nitty gritty. She tells him that they haven’t been getting it in sexually like they used to and says that they should go to therapy. Todd is surprised by this. But Kandi reminds him that sex once a week, coupled with their issues when it comes to their business partnership is making things rocky. After telling her that she should ditch the bright bonnets before bed if she wants more sex (it’s not turning him on), Todd caves in and agrees to do therapy. Considering the fact that Kandi reminds him that she wore hair wraps and ties to bed before they were married and it wasn’t a problem, he realizes that their problems are a lot deeper than a simple satin bonnet.


Cynthia Has A Tea Party With Kenya And Claudia

Cynthia meets with her new BFFs, Claudia and Kenya, and the ladies take part in a wine tasting. However, it’s more like a tea tasting when Cynthia decides to tell the ladies the info Peter shared with her about Phaedra possibly cheating on Apollo with an African man named Chocolate. While Claudia is highly entertained by the tea, Kenya on the other hand, is pissed to the point of tears. Since Phaedra has been walking around calling her a whore due to those text messages she exchanged with Apollo, she is angry to find out that Phaedra could have been out here living like a big ol’ hypocrite: “You don’t get to call me a whore!” By the end of their tasting, we know that Kenya has big plans for such damaging information…


Phaedra Gives Her Home An Exorcism

While folks try to throw dirt on Phaedra’s name, she’s busy trying to get the stench of evil out of her home. Phaedra calls up a family friend and preacher, Apostle Thaddeus, to come and pray through the house she shared with Apollo. He comes, along with his wife, and they ensure that there aren’t anymore evil spirits of unrest residing there. Once Apostle Thaddeus leaves, even little Ayden can feel the difference: “Our house has changed.”

Cynthia And Peter Do What They Do Best–Gossip

Back at Cynthia and Peter’s residence, she informs him that she told Kenya about the incriminating text messages Phaedra was allegedly out here sending to Mr. Chocolate. She tells him how she’s upset that Phaedra never bothered to apologize to Kenya for calling her “Whore Moore” for so long, and says that Phaedra’s text messages show the double standards going on with the women in their group. As for Peter, he tells her that Apollo actually shared the information about Phaedra’s alleged whereabouts with Todd, so Kandi probably knows too. But he instructs her, albeit a little too late, not to get too involved in the situation as a whole: “It’s not something you and I actually have anything to do with.”

Has Kandi Been A Crappy Friend?

Kandi stops by Phaedra’s house, and Phaedra acts like she has seen a ghost: “I’m shocked because I haven’t seen her in so long.” The two women haven’t talked to one another in a while due to the fact that Kandi has had her own struggles to deal with–including the failure of “A Mother’s Love” and her marital issues. Because of that, Kandi doesn’t know that Apollo acted a plum fool before turning himself in and that Phaedra and NeNe have grown very close while she has been an absent friend. As Phaedra puts it: “NeNe has been a rock…and she hasn’t.” Despite the good news about NeNe being supportive, Kandi throws shade with her eyes because she’s surprised at the idea of NeNe trying to be Phae Phae’s bestie. But she gets over it long enough to invite Phaedra to come to dinner with all the ladies so that they can all reconnect. Phaedra isn’t excited about the idea at all, but she agrees to show her face.

Bad idea.

Dinner For Schmucks

So the ladies meet up for yet another random dinner where they pretend like they can actually stand each other for five seconds before eventually cursing one another out. As they all sit down and small talk comes and goes, the conversation shifts from NeNe’s Broadway preparation to what Phaedra has been doing. Cynthia has an idea WHO she has been doing, and in Scooby Doo scary fashion, tries to spill the beans on her alleged cheating but is super reluctant to do so at the same time.  It’s uncomfortable to watch. The truth is, trying to put Phaedra on blast in front of a table of women based on something that wasn’t proven to be a fact is extremely messy and Cynthia knew that. But considering that she’s trying to show a new and feister side of herself, she threw up the assist and let Kenya do a slam dunk with such messy information. After Cynthia tells Phaedra and the women what Peter told her, Phaedra denies the allegations against her and laughs at the suggestion that there’s yet another African sugar daddy messing with someone in their group: “That seems to be the running trend.”

Kenya Almost Gets A Clutch To The Face

But Kenya isn’t letting it go, especially when Phaedra tries to use her as an example of how much Apollo likes to lie. Kenya tries to go in for blood and tells her and everyone else that Mr. Chocolate is “the man that you’ve been sleeping with.” After running off at the mouth using all the incriminating things read in the text messages to make Phaedra look bad, Phae Phae eventually pops her top and tries to hit Kenya with her purse: “You’re not going to accuse me of something you don’t know!”

Phaedra has to walk out immediately to keep from opening up a can of whoop a**.

Loyalty And Lies

As Phaedra hits the exit with NeNe and Porsha, Kandi is trailing behind. In her confessional, Porsha questions Kandi’s loyalty. She wonders why Kandi didn’t try to stop the uncomfortable conversation/confrontation, and why she was even sitting on the opposite side of Phaedra with the other girls.

Cynthia, Kenya and Claudia (and Demetria) discuss their issues with the women in their group calling folks whores even though they are allegedly displaying “whorish tendencies.” But Porsha doesn’t believe that Phaedra is a cheater. She thinks that Apollo is just trying to bring Phaedra down because it’s the last thing he can do be before he goes away for eight years. Phaedra, NeNe, Porsha and Kandi do their best to try and calm Phaedra down, and yet, Kenya, Cynthia and the rest of “Team Pretty” have no problem walking over to them to make a bad situation even worse.

Kenya Wants The Truth And Phaedra Wants To Whoop Her A**

You would think that after someone tries to hit you with their purse, you would take your behind on somewhere. Nope! Kenya walks over to Phaedra and co. and tells her that she didn’t need to walk away from the dinner table: Grown women should be able to talk about their issues and leave it at that. But NeNe is irritated, and she’s most irritated with Cynthia. She feels that Cynthia should have spoken to Phaedra privately about what she heard and that her attempt to put Phaedra on blast after all that she’s been through was just Cynthia attempting to be more of something she’s not. But Kenya tells her that it doesn’t matter when and where Cynthia told her about the text messages. The main issue is that Phaedra needs to own up to her hypocrisies while she’s out here calling other people whores. Eventually, NeNe shuts down the evening, and Phaedra is happy to leave, getting a ride home with Porsha. She makes it known that she is not going to read into any of the allegations against her, but she also lets it be known that if Kenya kept on talking crazy, things were going to get really ugly:

“Girl, she finna get her a** beat tonight. They got me f**ked up.”

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